TED日本語 - イヴ・エンスラー: 忘れられた女子細胞


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TED日本語 - イヴ・エンスラー: 忘れられた女子細胞

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Embrace your inner girl


Eve Ensler


情熱的なトークの中で、イヴ・エンスラーは私たちの中には女子細胞があると宣言します。私たちはそれを抑圧するように教えられてきました。 世界中で信じられないような逆境や暴力を克服した女の子たちの衝撃的な物語を語り、「女子」の驚くべき強さを明らかにします。




Namaste. Good morning. I'm very happy to be here in India. And I've been thinking a lot about what I have learned over these last particularly 11 years with V-Day and "The Vagina Monologues," traveling the world, essentially meeting with women and girls across the planet to stop violence against women.

What I want to talk about today is this particular cell, or grouping of cells, that is in each and every one of us. And I want to call it the girl cell. And it's in men as well as in women. I want you to imagine that this particular grouping of cells is central to the evolution of our species and the continuation of the human race.

And I want you imagine that at some point in history a group of powerful people invested in owning and controlling the world understood that the suppression of this particular cell, the oppression of these cells, the reinterpretation of these cells, the undermining of these cells, getting us to believe in the weakness of these cells and the crushing, eradicating, destroying, reducing these cells, basically began the process of killing off the girl cell, which was, by the way, patriarchy.

I want you to imagine that the girl is a chip in the huge macrocosm of collective consciousness. And it is essential to balance, to wisdom and to actually the future of all of us. And then I want you to imagine that this girl cell is compassion, and it's empathy, and it's passion itself, and it's vulnerability, and it's openness, and it's intensity, and it's association, and it's relationship, and it is intuitive.

And then let's think how compassion informs wisdom, and that vulnerability is our greatest strength, and that emotions have inherent logic, which lead to radical, appropriate, saving action. And then let's remember that we've been taught the exact opposite by the powers that be, that compassion clouds your thinking, that it gets in the way, that vulnerability is weakness, that emotions are not to be trusted, and you're not supposed to take things personally, which is one of my favorites.

I think the whole world has essentially been brought up not to be a girl. How do we bring up boys? What does it mean to be a boy? To be a boy really means not to be a girl. To be a man means not to be a girl. To be a woman means not to be a girl. To be strong means not to be a girl. To be a leader means not to be a girl. I actually think that being a girl is so powerful that we've had to train everyone not to be that. (Laughter)

And I'd also like to say that the irony of course, is that denying girl, suppressing girl, suppressing emotion, refusing feeling has lead thus here. Where we have now come to live in a world where the most extreme forms of violence, the most horrific poverty, genocide, mass rapes, the destruction of the Earth, is completely out of control. And because we have suppressed our girl cells and suppressed our girl-ship, we do not feel what is going on.

So, we are not being charged with the adequate response to what is happening. I want to talk a little bit about the Democratic Republic of Congo. For me, it was the turning point of my life. I have spent a lot of time there in the last three years. I feel up to that point I had seen a lot in the world, a lot of violence.

I essentially lived in the rape mines of the world for the last 12 years. But the Democratic Republic of Congo really was the turning point in my soul. I went and I spent time in a place called Bukavu in a hospital called the Panzi Hospital, with a doctor who was as close to a saint as any person I've ever met. His name is Dr. Denis Mukwege. In the Congo, for those of you who don't know, there has been a war raging for the last 12 years, a war that has killed nearly six million people. It is estimated that somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 women have been raped there.

When I spent my first weeks at Panzi hospital I sat with women who sat and lined up every day to tell me their stories. Their stories were so horrific, and so mind-blowing and so on the other side of human existence, that to be perfectly honest with you, I was shattered. And I will tell you that what happened is through that shattering, listening to the stories of eight-year-old girls who had their insides eviscerated, who had guns and bayonets and things shoved inside them so they had holes, literally, inside them where their pee and poop came out of them.

Listening to the story of 80-year-old women who were tied to chains and circled, and where groups of men would come and rape them periodically, all in the name of economic exploitation to steal the minerals so the West can have it and profit from them. My mind was so shattered.

But what happened for me is that that shattering actually emboldened me in a way I have never been emboldened. That shattering, that opening of my girl cell, that kind of massive breakthrough of my heart allowed me to become more courageous, and braver, and actually more clever than I had been in the past in my life.

I want to say that I think the powers that be know that empire-building is actually -- that feelings get in the way of empire-building. Feelings get in the way of the mass acquisition of the Earth, and excavating the Earth, and destroying things. I remember, for example, when my father, who was very, very violent, used to beat me. And he would actually say, while he was beating me, "Don't you cry. Don't you dare cry." Because my crying somehow exposed his brutality to him. And even in the moment he didn't want to be reminded of what he was doing.

I know that we have systematically annihilated the girl cell. And I want to say we've annihilated it in men as well as in women. And I think in some ways we've been much harsher to men in the annihilation of their girl cell. (Applause) I see how boys have been brought up, and I see this across the planet: to be tough, to be hardened, to distance themselves from their tenderness, to not cry. I actually realized once in Kosovo, when I watched a man break down, that bullets are actually hardened tears, that when we don't allow men to have their girl self and have their vulnerability, and have their compassion, and have their hearts, that they become hardened and hurtful and violent.

And I think we have taught men to be secure when they are insecure, to pretend they know things when they don't know things, or why would we be where we are? To pretend they're not a mess when they are a mess. And I will tell you a very funny story. On my way here on the airplane, I was walking up and down the aisle of the plane. And all these men, literally at least 10 men, were in their little seats watching chick flicks. And they were all alone, and I thought, "This is the secret life of men." (Laughter)

I've traveled, as I said, to many, many countries, and I've seen, if we do what we do to the girl inside us then obviously it's horrific to think what we do to girls in the world. And we heard from Sunitha yesterday, and Kavita about what we do to girls. But I just want to say that I've met girls with knife wounds and cigarette burns, who are literally being treated like ashtrays. I've seen girls be treated like garbage cans. I've seen girls who were beaten by their mothers and brothers and fathers and uncles. I've seen girls starving themselves to death in America in institutions to look like some idealized version of themselves.

I've seen that we cut girls and we control them and we keep them illiterate, or we make them feel bad about being too smart. We silence them. We make them feel guilty for being smart. We get them to behave, to tone it down, not to be too intense. We sell them, we kill them as embryos, we enslave them, we rape them. We are so accustomed to robbing girls of the subject of being the subjects of their lives that we have now actually objectified them and turned them into commodities.

The selling of girls is rampant across the planet. And in many places they are worth less than goats and cows. But I also want to talk about the fact that if one in eight people on the planet are girls between the ages of 10 to 24, they are they key, really, in the developing world, as well as in the whole world, to the future of humanity. And if girls are in trouble because they face systematic disadvantages that keep them where society wants them to be, including lack of access to healthcare, education, healthy foods, labor force participation. The burden of all the household tasks usually falls on girls and younger siblings, which ensures that they will never overcome these barriers.

The state of girls, the condition of girls, will, in my belief -- and that's the girl inside us and the girl in the world -- determine whether the species survives. And what I want to suggest is that, having talked to girls, because I just finished a new book called "I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World," I've been talking to girls for five years, and one of the things that I've seen is true everywhere is that the verb that's been enforced on girl is the verb "to please." Girls are trained to please. I want to change the verb. I want us all to change the verb. I want the verb to be "educate," or "activate," or "engage," or "confront," or "defy," or "create." If we teach girls to change the verb we will actually enforce the girl inside us and the girl inside them.

And I have to now share a few stories of girls I've seen across the planet who have engaged their girl, who have taken on their girl in spite of all the circumstances around them. I know a 14-year-old girl in the Netherlands, for example, who is demanding that she take a boat and go around the entire world by herself.

There is a teenage girl who just recently went out and knew that she needed 56 stars tattooed on the right side of her face.

There is a girl, Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived for a year in a tree because she wanted to protect the wild oaks.

There is a girl who I met 14 years ago in Afghanistan who I have adopted as my daughter because her mother was killed. Her mother was a revolutionary. And this girl, when she was 17 years old, wore a burqa in Afghanistan, and went into the stadiums and documented the atrocities that were going on towards women, underneath her burqa, with a video. And that video became the video that went out all over the world after 9/11 to show what was going on in Afghanistan.

I want to talk about Rachel Corrie who was in her teens when she stood in front of an Israeli tank to say, "End the occupation." And she knew she risked death and she was literally gunned down and rolled over by that tank.

And I want to talk about a girl that I just met recently in Bukavu, who was impregnated by her rapist. And she was holding her baby. And I asked her if she loved her baby. And she looked into her baby's eyes and she said, "Of course I love my baby. How could I not love my baby? It's my baby and it's full of love."

The capacity for girls to overcome situations and to move on levels, to me, is mind-blowing. There is a girl named Dorcas, and I just met her in Kenya. Dorcas is 15 years old, and she was trained in self-defense. A few months ago she was picked up on the street by three older men. They kidnapped her, they put her in a car. And through her self-defense, she grabbed their Adam's apples, she punched them in the eyes and she got herself free and out of the car.

In Kenya, in August, I went to visit one of the V-Day safe houses for girls, a house we opened seven years ago with an amazing woman named Agnes Pareyio. Agnes was a woman who was cut when she was a little girl, she was female genitally mutilated. And she made a decision as many women do across this planet, that what was done to her would not be enforced and done to other women and girls.

So, for years Agnes walked through the Rift valley. She taught girls what a healthy vagina looked like, and what a mutilated vagina looked like. And in that time she saved many girls. And when we met her we asked her what we could do for her, and she said, "Well, if you got me a Jeep I could get around a lot faster." So, we got her a Jeep. And then she saved 4,500 girls.

And then we asked her, "Okay, what else do you need?" And she said, "Well, now, I need a house." So,seven years ago Agnes built the first V-Day safe house in Narok, Kenya, in the Masai land. And it was a house where girls could run away, they could save their clitoris, they wouldn't be cut, they could go to school. And in the years that Agnes has had the house, she has changed the situation there. She has literally become deputy mayor. She's changed the rules. The whole community has bought in to what she's doing.

When we were there she was doing a ritual where she reconciles girls, who have run away, with their families. And there was a young girl named Jaclyn. Jaclyn was 14 years old and she was in her Masai family and there's a drought in Kenya. So cows are dying, and cows are the most valued possession. And Jaclyn overheard her father talking to an old man about how he was about to sell her for the cows. And she knew that meant she would be cut. She knew that meant she wouldn't go to school. She knew that meant she wouldn't have a future. She knew she would have to marry that old man, and she was 14.

So,one afternoon, she'd heard about the safe house, Jaclyn left her father's house and she walked for two days,two days through Masai land. She slept with the hyenas. She hid at night. She imagined her father killing her on one hand, and Mama Agnes greeting her, with the hope that she would greet her when she got to the house. And when she got to the house she was greeted. Agnes took her in, and Agnes loved her, and Agnes supported her for the year. She went to school and she found her voice, and she found her identity, and she found her heart.

Then, her time was ready when she had to go back to talk to her father about the reconciliation, after a year. I had the privilege of being in the hut when she was reunited with her father and reconciled. In that hut, we walked in, and her father and his four wives were sitting there, and her sisters who had just returned because they had all fled when she had fled, and her primary mother, who had been beaten in standing up for her with the elders. When her father saw her and saw who she had become, in her full girl self, he threw his arms around her and broke down crying. He said, "You are beautiful. You have grown into a gorgeous woman. We will not cut you. And I give you my word, here and now, that we will not cut your sisters either."

And what she said to him was, "You were willing to sell me for four cows, and a calf and some blankets. But I promise you, now that I will be educated I will always take care of you, and I will come back and I will build you a house. And I will be in your corner for the rest of your life."

For me, that is the power of girls. And that is the power of transformation. I want to close today with a new piece from my book. And I want to do it tonight for the girl in everybody here. And I want to do it for Sunitha. And I want to do it for the girls that Sunitha talked about yesterday, the girls who survive, the girls who can become somebody else. But I really want to do it for each and every person here, to value the girl in us, to value the part that cries, to value the part that's emotional, to value the part that's vulnerable, to understand that's where the future lies.

This is called "I'm An Emotional Creature." And it happened because I met a girl in Watts, L.A. I was asking girls if they like being a girl, and all the girls were like, "No, I hate it. I can't stand it. It's all bad. My brothers get everything." And this girl just sat up and went, "I love being a girl. I'm an emotional creature!" (Laughter) This is for her:

I love being a girl. I can feel what you're feeling as you're feeling inside the feeling before.

I am an emotional creature. Things do not come to me as intellectual theories or hard-pressed ideas. They pulse through my organs and legs and burn up my ears. Oh, I know when your girlfriend's really pissed off, even though she appears to give you what you want. I know when a storm is coming. I can feel the invisible stirrings in the air. I can tell you he won't call back. It's a vibe I share.

I am an emotional creature. I love that I do not take things lightly. Everything is intense to me, the way I walk in the street, the way my momma wakes me up, the way it's unbearable when I lose, the way I hear bad news.

I am an emotional creature. I am connected to everything and everyone. I was born like that. Don't you say all negative that it's only only a teenage thing, or it's only because I'm a girl. These feelings make me better. They make me present. They make me ready. They make me strong. I am an emotional creature. There is a particular way of knowing. It's like the older women somehow forgot. I rejoice that it's still in my body. Oh, I know when the coconut's about to fall. I know we have pushed the Earth too far. I know my father isn't coming back, and that no one's prepared for the fire. I know that lipstick means more than show, and boys are super insecure, and so-called terrorists are made, not born. I know that one kiss could take away all my decision-making ability. (Laughter) And you know what? Sometimes it should. This is not extreme. It's a girl thing, what we would all be if the big door inside us flew open.

Don't tell me not to cry, to calm it down, not to be so extreme, to be reasonable. I am an emotional creature. It's how the earth got made, how the wind continues to pollinate. You don't tell the Atlantic Ocean to behave. I am an emotional creature. Why would you want to shut me down or turn me off? I am your remaining memory. I can take you back. Nothing's been diluted. Nothing's leaked out. I love, hear me, I love that I can feel the feelings inside you, even if they stop my life, even if they break my heart, even if they take me off track, they make me responsible.

I am an emotional, I am an emotional, incondotional, devotional creature. And I love, hear me, I love, love, love being a girl. Can you say it with me? I love, I love, love, love being a girl! Thank you very much. (Applause)

ナマステ おはようございます インドにこれて とても嬉しいです この11年間で学んだことをずっと考えています V-Dayや“ヴァギナ モノローグス”を通し 各国の女性に会い 女性に対する暴力を止めるため 世界中を― 駆け回りました

私が今日話したいのは 私たちの誰もが持っている― 特定もしくはグループ細胞についてで 私はそれを女子細胞と呼びたいと思います それは男性の中にも存在します この特定のグループ細胞が 人類進化の― そして人類存続への 要だと想像してください

歴史の中で 世界を支配し領有することに専念した 権力者たちは この女子細胞を 制圧 抑圧し― 衰えさせ 新たな解釈を加えたり この細胞の欠点を私たちに信じさせ 減少させ 破壊して粉砕し 根絶することで 女子細胞を消滅させる過程を開始したのです 家父長制社会がその結果です

女子とは集合意識の総体系の中にある― チップだと考えてみてください それは調和や智慧を得る為― そして私たちの未来にも欠かせないものです 女子細胞は 厚情であり 共感であり 情熱そのもの それは繊細さであり 率直さ厳しさ 繋がりや結びつきでもあり 直観的なものなの

どの様に厚情が智慧に影響を与えるでしょう? 繊細さは最も優れた長所であり― 急進かつ適切で 行動の節約へと導く― 生得的論理が感情にはあります しかしながら私たちは― まるで反対のことを教えられてきたのではないでしょうか? 厚情は思考を鈍らせ― 妨げる 繊細さは弱さであり 感情は信用できず― 物事を私的に捉えてはいけない 今のは私のお気に入りね

思うに 世界全体が女子にならないよう― 育てられてきたのでは? “男の子になる” とはどういう意味でしょう? “男の子になる” とは“女子にならない” という意味なのです 男になる=女子にならない 女性になる=女子にならない 強くなること=女子にならないこと リーダーになる=女子にならない 実は “女子になる” ということは とても “強力” なのです だってみんながそうならないように教え込まれてきたのですから (拍手)

皮肉なことに “女子” を否定 制圧し― 感情を抑え拒絶したことが 私たちを今日の世界へと導いたのです 見るに堪えない貧困 大量殺戮に大量レイプ― 極度の暴力の種類が蔓延る この制御を失った壊れゆく地球で― 暮らすハメになったのです 女子細胞を抑え込み 「女子らしさ」を制圧した為 何が起こっているか感じることができません

そう 私たちは起きていることに対しての― 十分な感応をゆだねられてないのです 私の人生の転換点となった― コンゴ民主共和国について 少しお話したいと思います これまでの12年間 暴力やレイプが蔓延する世界で― 多くを見てきたと思っていましたが

コンゴで過ごした最後3年間は 私の魂の― ターニングポイントとなったのです ブカヴ市にある パンジー病院では 今まで会った誰よりも 聖人と呼ぶに相応しいムクワゲ医師と 時間を共にしました コンゴでは激しい戦争が 12年間も続いており 6百万人もの人が犠牲になっています そして推定で約40万人もの女性が レイプされています

パンジー病院での最初の一週間― 自らに起こった出来事を 話してくれる為に列をなす女性たちと共に過ごしました 彼女たちの物語はあまりに信じ難く 人間の持つ恐ろしい側面には 正直 精神を砕かれました その内容を お話します 内臓を取り除かれ 銃やナイフなどを― 体内に押しこまれた8歳の女の子たち 文字通り “穴” を開けられ そこからは尿や便が流れ出る

鎖に縛られ 複数の男に囲まれ 断続的にレイプされた80歳の女性 全ては経済的搾取という名のもとに 鉱物を奪い先進国に売りつけ利益得る為に 私の心は粉々になってしまいました

でも その粉砕こそが 私を後押ししてくれ― 今までに無かった形で励ましてくれたの 打ち砕かれたことによって私の女子細胞を開花し― 心の壁を突き破ることで 今までの私よりも より勇敢により強く そしてより賢くなることを 可能にしてくれたのです

権力者は知っているのだと思います 感情こそが 勢力の拡大や地球の資源搾取― 破壊行為を 妨げるものであることを 例えば私の父 父はとても暴力的でよく暴力を振るわれました 私を殴る時はいつも こう言うのです “泣くんじゃない 泣いたら承知しないぞ” まるで私の涙が自身の残忍さを露呈させるかのように 一瞬でさえも 自分のやっていることを 認識させられたくなかったのです

私たちは意図的に女子細胞を壊滅させたのです 男だけでなく女の中の女子細胞までね そしてどこか私たちは 男の女子細胞の壊滅には― より手厳しく対処してきたでしょう (拍手) 世界中で男の子がどのように育てられいるか見てきました 強くなる為に 非情になる為に― 自身の持つ優しさから遠ざけ 涙を流させないのです コソボで理解したことがあります 崩れ落ちる男を見た時 銃弾は涙を凝固させ― “女子”の要素である繊細さなどの心を持たせないことは 彼らを非情にさせ より危険に より暴力的に― させるのです

これまで私たちは 男に対し教育してきましたー 自信が無くても自信を持つように― 理解してなくても理解したフリをするように でなければ私達はここまで来れなかった 困窮時にはそうでないフリをする様に教えてきたのでは? ここでおもしろい話をひとつ ここへの飛行機の中で私は通路を行き来してたのだけど 少なくとも10人以上の男たちは小さな座席にちょこんと座り ラブロマンスの映画ばかり見ていたのです こう思いました “これが隠された男の正体ね” (笑)

前にも言ったように 私は世界中を周り多くを見てきました 女子細胞への仕打ちを考えれば “生身の” 女子たちがどんな目に遭っているか? 想像するのも恐ろしいのです 昨日 スニータやカヴィータからも― 何が起こってるか聞きましたよね? これまで酷い扱いを受けた女子に会いました 切り傷とタバコの焼印だらけで― 文字通り灰皿代わりにされた女の子たち ゴミ箱のように扱われ 親兄弟から親族から― 暴力を受ける女の子たち アメリカの施設では“理想の体型” の為に 自ら餓死寸前になる女の子たち

女性性器を切除し 操作し― 読み書きをできないままにさせる 聡明すぎることへの― 罪悪感を負わせ 黙らせる 行儀よくしろと言われ 感情を抑え慎めと教えられ 売り飛ばし 中絶させ― 支配し レイプする 自分の人生の中で主体であろうとする 女の子たちの自我を奪うことに慣れ 今では実際に客体化させ― 商品にしてしまったのです

人身売買は世界中に蔓延り 多くの場合 彼女たちは家畜以下の値段で売られます しかし世界の人口の 8人に1人が10歳から24歳の女子という 事実を踏まえると 彼女たちは発展途上国を含む世界全体― 人類の未来へのカギなのです 彼女たちが困難な状況にあるのは 教育や栄養のある食事、医療サービスを得難く 肉体労働への強制参加を含む 組織的な状況が彼女たちを 社会が望む位置へ押しこめているからです その境界を越えることが無いように 家事の重荷は大抵― 女の子か若い家族メンバーに課せられます

女の子の環境や状況が― 内側の“女子” と 外側の“女子”が― 人類残存を決定することになると― 信じてます 女の子たちと話をしていくことで 「私は感情的なイキモノ ~隠された女子の物語~」 という本を書き上げました 5年間 女の子と話してきましたが 何処に行ってもある“言葉”が― いつも女の子に強要されているのです “奉仕”という言葉 女の子は奉仕するように訓練されてます この言葉を変えたい みんなでこの言葉を― “教育” に “積極的” や “没頭” に “戦う” “抵抗” “創造” へと変えるのです 彼女たちに この言葉を変えることを教えれば― 私たちの中の“女子”を― 守ることができるのです

世界中で会った女の子たちの話を いくつかしたいと思います 彼女たちの周りにある厳しい環境にも関わらず 自分の中の“女子”を信じ― 受け入れた彼女たちの話を 14歳のオランダ人の女の子は ボートに乗って世界中を1人で― 旅しようとしている

顔の右半分に― 56つの星のタトゥーを入れた― 10代の女の子

自然にあるオークの木を守る為 1年間 木の上で生活した― ジュリアという女の子

14年前アフガニスタンで会った女の子は 革命家の母親を殺されてしまい 私は彼女を養子にしました 17歳の時 ブルカの下にカメラを隠し アフガニスタンで女性に対して 残虐な行為を行っている場所に潜入し ブルカの下に隠したカメラで その様子を― 記録したのです そのビデオは911の後 世界中に広がり― アフガニスタンの中で何が起こっているかを世界に見せたのです

レイチェル コリーについても少し 彼女はイスラエル軍の占領を止める為 命を危険さらしながらも 軍のブルドーザーの前に立ちはだかり そのまま引き殺されてしまいました

最近ブカウで会った女の子は レイプによって妊娠させられました 赤ちゃんを抱いている彼女に その赤ちゃんを愛せるか?と聞くと 赤ちゃんの目を見つめながら “もちろん 愛に包まれた私の赤ちゃんよ どうしたら愛さずにいられるの?” と言ったのです

女の子が持つ 困難を克服する力は 私には想像出来ないほどです ケニアで会った 15歳のドーカスは 護身術の訓練を受けています 数ヶ月前 彼女は道端で3人の男から― 車に押し込まれ 誘拐されたのです しかし訓練の通りに彼女は 男の咽喉ボトケを掴み 目を突き― 車から逃げ出したのです

8月にはケニアにある 7年前にアグネスという女性と共に作った V-Dayセーフハウスを 訪れました アグネスはまだ幼い少女の時に 女性性器を切除されました 多くの女性同様に 彼女は同じことが― 他の女性や女の子に行われてはならないと 決心しました

それから幾年 ケニアを南北に渡り 女の子たちに 自然体なヴァギナはどういうものか― 損壊されたヴァギナがどういうものかを教えて周ったのです 多くの女の子が救われました 彼女に会った時 私たちに何ができるかを聞くと “車を用意してもらえるともっと早く移動ができるわね” と言ったので 車を用意し 彼女は4500人の女の子を救ったのです

“他にできることは?” と聞くと “今度は家が必要だわ” と言うので マサイの地にあるナロックという町に 最初のV-Dayセーフハウスを建てました そこは女の子たちが避難でき― 彼女たちのクリトリス守ることができ― 学校に行くことができる場所です ハウスを建てて数年で 彼女はその地域の状況を変化させたのです 市の助役となった彼女は ルールを改正させました 地域全体が彼女の取り組みを受け入れました

私たちが訪れた時は 家出した女の子と― その家族の和解を取り持っていました 14歳のジャクリーンというマサイ族の 女の子がいました ケニアでは干ばつが続いていて 最も価値のある所有物である 牛が死んでいったのです ジャクリーンは父親と年配の男が 牛の為に彼女を売ろうとしている話を 耳にしました それが学校にも行けず 性器切除され 未来はなく 男の妻にならなければいけない ということを意味することを知っていました

そしてある日 セーフハウスのことを耳にしたのです 彼女は家を飛び出し マサイの地を2日間歩きました “2日間”もです 身を隠すためハイエナと共に夜を明かし― 父親に捕まり殺される恐怖の一方で ハウスでアグネスが出迎えてくれるという 希望を持って歩きました ハウスに着いた彼女は迎えられました アグネスは彼女を受け入れ 愛を与えました ジャクリーンは1年間のサポートを受け 学校に通い自分のやるべきことを見つけ 自己を見つけ心の在りかを見つけました

そうして1年後― 彼女は家に戻り 父と和解の話しをする― 準備ができました 私は彼女が父と再会し和解する場面に 居合わせる特権を頂きました そして家に入ると 父と4人の妻たちが座っていて 彼女の後に家を出た姉妹たちも 戻ってきていました そして彼女を守る為 暴力を受けてきた― 彼女の母親 そして“女性”へと変身した娘の姿を― 見た父親は― 彼女を抱きしめ 泣き崩れ こう言いました “お前は美しい大人の女になった― 切除なんてしない― 誓ってもいい― お前の姉妹も切除しないと”

彼女は― “あなたは4頭の牛と子牛1匹― それと毛布を少しを得るために私を売ろうとした でも安心して 私はこれから教育を受けて― ずっとお父さんの世話をしてあげる 戻ってきたらお父さんの家を建てましょう そしていつまでのお父さんのそばにいるから”

これこそが“女子”の力です これこそが“成長”の力なのです 本の中からの一節を紹介して― 終わりにしたいと思います ここにいる全ての女子の為に― スニータの為に― そしてスニータが話していた 生き延び 夢を叶えられる可能性がある― 女の子たちの為に読みます そしてここに居る皆さん一人一人のためにも読みたい なぜなら内に秘めた“女子”の大切さを知り 私たちの中の涙を流す部分― 感情的な部分― 傷つきやすい部分を大切にして欲しいから それが私たちの未来を左右すると理解して欲しいから

この作品は“私は感情的なイキモノ” と言い― ロスのワッツで出逢った女の子が始まりでした 女子に満足しているか?という質問をしていた時です みんな “嫌いよ 耐えられないわ― 全部 弟や兄が占領するんだもの” と答えました でも ある女の子は― “女子最高じゃない? 感情的なイキモノなのよ!” こう言いました (笑) 彼女に捧げます

女子は最高よ! あなたが何を感じてるか― 内に秘めた感情も感じられるの

感情的なイキモノだもの! 理屈や理論― 窮屈な考え方では分からない 臓器から足下まで脈動し耳まで熱くなる感覚で分かるの あなたの彼女が不機嫌な時だって解るのよ 例え そうでないフリをしててもね 嵐が来る!って分かるの 目に見えない空気の揺らぎを感じるの 彼は電話して来ないって“空間”を共有すれば解るの

感情的なイキモノだもの! 物事を軽く捉えないって最高よ― 私にとっては全てが熱をもってるの 通りを歩く時だって、朝ママが私を起こす時だって 失うことには耐えられの!ニュースだって人ごとじゃないの!

感情的なイキモノなんだから! 全てと みんなと繋がっているの!そういう風に生まれてきたの! 否定的に決めつけて、 若いからとか、女の子だからー なんて言わなせない! この感情が私をより良くしてくれるの 生きてることを実感でき 心の準備をさせ強くしてくれる 私は感情的なイキモノなの! 齢を重ねた女性がなぜか忘れてしまう― ものごとを理解する特別な方法― それがまだ私の中には在るの! 私は木の実が落ちる瞬間がわかるわ 私たちは地球を苦しめすぎたの 父が戻ってこないことも分かってる― 誰も不足の事態への準備ができてないの 口紅が見せものじゃないことも 男子の自信が全く無くなったことも 俗に言うテロリストは生まれず造られることもね 1つのキスが― 私の判断力をゼロにできることも知ってる (笑) 時にはそうあるべきだと思うの 極端なことじゃないわ、女子力よ 私たちの内にあるドアが開かれれば みんながこうなるのよ

“冷静になれ 熱くなるな ― 泣くんじゃない” なんて言わせない 私は感情的なイキモノよ! それは地球が創られた様に 風が命を運び続ける様に― 荒れる海に向かって“わきまえなさい”なんて言わないでしょ? 私は感情的なの! どうして私を黙らせ 揉み消そうとするの? 私はあなたの記憶の名残なの あなたを連れ戻してあげれるのに 薄れてなんかないわ 隙間からこぼれ落ちてもいない 聞いて! 例え私の命を止められても 心に傷を負っても― たとえその場から放り出されても あなたの秘めた感情を感じれることが― 責任感を与えてくれる それが大好きなの

私は感情的で無償的― 献身的なイキモノなの! 聞いて! 女子って本当に最高よ! みんなも言ってみて 女子って本当に本当に― 最高!! ありがとう (拍手)

― もっと見る ―
― 折りたたむ ―


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