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TED日本語 - エマニュエル・ジャル: 「ウォー チャイルド」の歌

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「ウォー チャイルド」の歌

The music of a war child


Emmanuel Jal




I just want to say my name is Emmanuel Jal. And I come from a long way. I've been telling a story that has been so painful for me. It's been a tough journey for me, traveling the world, telling my story in form of a book. And also telling it like now. And also, the easiest one was when I was doing it in form of a music.

So I have branded myself as a war child. I'm doing this because of an old lady in my village now, who have lost her children. There is no newspaper to cover her pain, and what she wants to change in this society. And I'm doing it for a young man who want to create a change and has no way to project his voice because he can't write. Or there is no Internet, like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, for them to talk.

Also one thing that kept me pushing this story, this painful stories out, the dreams I have, sometimes, is like the voices of the dead, that I have seen would tell me, "Don't give up. Keep on going." Because sometime I feel like stopping and not doing it, because I didn't know what I was putting myself into.

Well I was born in the most difficult time, when my country was at war. I saw my village burned down. The world that meant a lot to me, I saw it vanish in my face. I saw my aunt in rape when I was only five. My mother was claimed by the war. My brothers and sisters were scattered. And up to now, me and my father were detached and I still have issues with him. Seeing people die every day, my mother crying, it's like I was raised in a violence. And that made me call myself a war child.

And not only that, when I was eight I became a child soldier.

I didn't know what was the war for. But one thing I knew was an image that I saw that stuck in my head. When I went to the training camp I say, "I want to kill as many Muslims, and as many Arabs, as possible." The training wasn't easy, but that was the driving force, because I wanted to revenge for my family. I wanted to revenge for my village.

Luckily now things have changed because I came to discover the truth. What was actually killing us wasn't the Muslims, wasn't the Arabs. It was somebody sitting somewhere manipulating the system, and using religion to get what they want to get out of us, which is the oil, the diamond, the gold and the land. So realizing the truth gave me a position to choose: should I continue to hate, or let it go?

So I happened to forgive. Now I sing music with the Muslims. I dance with them. I even had a movie out called "War Child," funded by Muslim people. So that pain has gone out. But my story is huge. So I'm just going to go into a different step now, which is easier for me. I'm going to give you poem called "Forced to Sin," which is from my album "War Child." I talk about my story. One of the journey that I tread when I was tempted to eat my friend because we had no food and we were like around 400. And only 16 people survived that journey. So I hope you're going to hear this.

My dreams are like torment. My every moment.

Voices in my brain, of friends that was slain.

Friends like Lual who died by my side,

of starvation. In the burning jungle, and the desert plain.

Next was I, but Jesus heard my cry.

As I was tempted to eat the rotten flesh of my comrade,

he gave me comfort.

We used to raid villages, stealing chickens, goats and sheeps,

anything we could eat.

I knew it was rude, but we needed food.

And therefore I was forced to sin, forced to sin to make a living,

forced to sin to make a living.

Sometimes you gotta lose to win.

Never give up. Never give in.

Left home at the age of seven.

One year later, live with an AK-47 by my side.

Slept with one eye open wide.

Run, duck, play dead and hide.

I've seen my people die like flies.

But I've never seen a dead body,

at least one that I've killed.

But still as I wonder, I won't go under.

Guns barking like lightning and thunder.

As a child so young and tender,

Words I can't forget I still remember.

I saw sergeant command raising his hand,

no retreat, no surrender.

I carry the banner of the trauma.

War child, child without a mama,

still fighting in the saga.

Yet as I wage this new war I'm not alone in this drama.

No sit or stop, as I reach for the top

I'm fully dedicated like a patriotic cop.

I'm on a fight, day and night.

Sometime I do wrong in order to make things right.

It's like I'm living a dream.

First time I'm feeling like a human being.

Ah! The children of Darfur.

Your empty bellies on the telly and now it's you that I'm fighting for.

Left home. Don't even know the day I'll ever return.

My country is war-torn.

Music I used to hear was bombs and fire of guns.

So many people die that I don't even cry no more.

Ask God question, what am I here for.

And why are my people poor.

And why, why when the rest of the children were learning how to read and write,

I was learning how to fight.

I ate snails, vultures, rabbits, snakes, and anything that had life.

I was ready to eat.

I know it's a shame. But who is to be blamed?

That's my story shared in the form of a lesson.

(Applause) Thank you. (Applause)

What energized me and kept me going is the music I do. I never saw anybody to tell my story to them so they could advise me or do therapy. So the music had been my therapy for me. It's been where I actually see heaven, where I can be happy, where I can be a child again, in dances, through music. So one thing I know about music: music is the only thing that has power to enter your cell system, your mind, your heart, influence your soul and your spirit, and can even influence the way you live without even you knowing. Music is the only thing that can make you want to wake up your bed and shake your leg, without even wanting to do it. And so the power music has I normally compare to the power love when love doesn't see a color. You know, if you fall in love with a frog, that's it.

One testimony about how I find music is powerful is when I was still a soldier back then. I hated the people in the north. But I don't know why I don't hate their music. So we party and dance to their music. And one thing that shocked me is one day they brought an Arab musician to come and entertain the soldiers. And I almost broke my leg dancing to his music. But I had this question. So now I'm doing music so I know what the power of music is.

So what's happening here? I've been in a painful journey. Today is day number 233 in which I only eat dinner. I don't eat breakfast. No lunch. And I've done a campaign called Lose to Win. Where I'm losing so that I could win the battle that I'm fighting now. So my breakfast, my lunch, I donate it to a charity that I founded because we want to build a school in Sudan.

And I'm doing this because also it's a normal thing in my home, people eat one meal a day. Here I am in the West. I choose not to. So in my village now, kids there, they normally listen to BBC, or any radio, and they are waiting to know, the day Emmanuel will eat his breakfast it means he got the money to build our school. And so I made a commitment. I say, "I'm gonna not eat my breakfast." I thought I was famous enough that I would raise the money within one month, but I've been humbled. (Laughter)

So it's taken me 232 days. And I said, "No stop until we get it." And like it's been done on Facebook, MySpace. The people are giving three dollars. The lowest amount we ever got was 20 cents. Somebody donated 20 cents online. I don't know how they did it. (Laughter) But that moved me.

And so, the importance of education to me is what I'm willing to die for. I'm willing to die for this, because I know what it can do to my people. Education enlighten your brain, give you so many chances, and you're able to survive. As a nation we have been crippled. For so many years we have fed on aid. You see a 20-years-old, 30-years-old families in a refugee camps. They only get the food that drops from the sky, from the U.N.

So these people, you're killing a whole generation if you just give them aid. If anybody want to help us this is what we need. Give us tools. Give the farmers tools. It's rain. Africa is fertile. They can grow the crops. (Applause) Invest in education. Education so that we have strong institution that can create a revolution to change everything. Because we have all those old men that are creating wars in Africa. They will die soon. But if you invest in education then we'll be able to change Africa. That's what I'm asking. (Applause)

So in order to do that, I founded a charter called Gua Africa, where we put kids in school. And now we have a couple in university. We have like 40 kids, ex-child soldiers mixed with anybody that we feel like we want to support. And I said "I'm going to put it in practice." And with the people that are going to follow me and help me do things. That's what I want to do to change, to make a difference in the world.

Well now, my time is going, so I want to sing a song. But I'll ask you guys to stand up so we celebrate the life of a British aid worker called Emma McCune that made it possible for me to be here. I'm gonna sing this song, just to inspire you how this woman has made a difference. She came to my country and saw the importance of education.

She said the only way to help Sudan is to invest in the women, educating them, educating the children, so that they could come and create a revolution in this complex society. So she even ended up marrying a commander from the SPLA. And she rescued over 150 child soldiers. One of them happened to be me now. And so at this moment I want to ask to celebrate Emma with me. Are you guys ready to celebrate Emma?

Audience: Yes!

Emmanuel Jal: All right.

This one goes to Emma McCune

Angel to rescue came one afternoon

I'm here because you rescued me

I'm proud to carry your legacy

Thank you. Bless you. R.I.P.

What would I be? Me!

If Emma never rescued me? What would I be?

What would I be? Me! Another starving refugee

What would I be? What would I be? Me!

If Emma never rescued me? Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah!

You would have seen my face on the telly

Fat hungry belly

Flies in my eyes, head too big for my size

Just another little starving child

Running around in Africa, born to be wild

Praise God, praise the Almighty

for sending an angel to rescue me

I got a reason for being on this Earth

'Cause I know more than many what a life is worth

Now that I got a chance to stand my ground

I'm gonna run over mountains, leaps and bounds

I ain't an angel, hope I'll be one soon

And if I am, I wanna be like Emma McCune

Me! What would I be? Me!

If Emma never rescued me?

What would I be?

What would I be? Me!

Another starving refugee

What would I be?

What would I be? Me!

If Emma never rescued me? Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah, Yeah!

I would have probably died from starvation

Or some other wretched disease

I would have grown up with no education

Just another refugee

I stand here because somebody cared

I stand here because somebody dared

I know there is a lot of Emmas out there

Who is willing and trying to save a life of a child

What would I be? Me! If Emma never rescued me?

What would I be? What would I be?

Another starving refugee

I remember the time when I was small

When I couldn't read or write at all

Now I'm all grown up, I got my education

The sky is the limit and I can't be stopped by no one

How I prayed for this day to come

And I pray that the world find wisdom

To give the poor in need some assistance

Instead of putting up resistance, yeah

Sitting and waiting for the politics to fix this

It ain't gonna happen

They're all sitting on they asses

Popping champagne and sponging off the masses

Coming from a refugee boy-soldier

But I still got my dignity

I gotta say it again

If Emma never rescued me

I'd be a corpse on the African plain

Is there anybody who's here in the back, some love.

Big scream for Emma everybody.

Yeah! I'm gonna get crazy now.

What would I be?

If Emma never rescued me?

What would I be?

Another starving refugee

What would I be?

If Emma never rescued me?

Yeah, Yeah

Yeah, I would have probably died from starvation

Or some other wretched disease

I would have grown up with no education

Just another refugee

(Applause) Thank you. (Applause)

Go save a life of a child. (Applause)

僕の名はエマニュエル ジャル 今まで いろいろなところで 僕の辛い体験をみんなに話してきた 世界中を回ったり 僕の体験をまとめた本を書いたり 講演をするのは大変だった でも音楽で思いを伝える方が― 僕は得意だったから

自ら「ウォー チャイルド」とレッテルを貼って 歌手をしている 僕の活動で 故郷の村で子どもを失った母親が どんなに悲しみ 社会の変化を望んでいるかを 新聞に代わってみんなに伝えたい それと 文字が書けなくて 社会を変えようという意見を伝えられない 若者の声を 僕は代弁しているんだ 僕の国にはインターネットもないから 若者には世界の人と話す機会がない

こんな辛い体験を話していられるのは 僕が見る夢のせいかもしれない 死んでしまった人が夢に出て 僕に言うのさ 「あきらめるな 負けちゃだめだ」ってね こんな話をするのはもう嫌だと思うときもある 活動を始めた意図も分からなくなった

確かに 生まれた時代が悪かった 僕の国は戦争中で 自分の住む村が焼き払われ 僕を取り巻く世界が 目の前でまるごと消えてしまった 叔母さんがレイプされたのを見たのは5歳のとき 母は戦争で命を落とし 兄弟姉妹は行方不明になった 僕と父の間には亀裂が入り 今でも溝はうまっていない 毎日人が死ぬのを見て 母は泣いていた 僕は「暴力」に育てられたんだ だから「戦争の落とし子」ってわけさ

それに実際 8歳の頃から 子ども兵をしていた

戦争の理由なんて知らない ただ頭の中に ある種のイメージがこびりついていて 僕は訓練所へ行って こう言った 「イスラム教徒やアラブ人を- たくさん殺してやるんだ」 厳しい訓練に耐えられたのは 殺された家族や村の人々への 復讐がしたかったからさ

でも今はそんなことは考えていない やっと真実が分かったんだ 僕達を殺していたのはイスラム教徒でも アラブ人でもなかった 悪いのは世の中の仕組みを上手く利用して 宗教の名目で僕達の物を奪うやつらなんだ やつらが石油やダイヤモンド 金や土地まで取り上げているんだ この真実に気付いた僕は考えた イスラム教徒を憎んでも仕方ない

今ではイスラム教徒と一緒に 歌ったり踊ったりしているよ 僕の映画『ウォー チャイルド』に イスラムの人が出資してくれた もう彼らを恨んではいない 話すことがたくさんあるから そろそろ別のことを始めよう そのほうが僕は やり易い これから読む詞は アルバム『ウォー チャイルド』の曲 「フォースド トゥ シン」 これは僕が味わった 辛い経験のひとつ 仲間を食べようと思うほど空腹な状態で 400人近くで歩き回っていたけど 生き延びたのは僕を入れて16人だけ そんな事を歌っている

僕の人生 辛いことばかりさ いつだって頭の中に

聞こえてくるのは 殺された仲間の声

僕のそばで お腹をすかせて

友達が死んだ 火が燃え広がるジャングルや不毛の地で

死なずにいるのは 神様のおかげ

僕が仲間の死体を食べようとするのを 天から見ていて


僕達は村を襲って 家畜や食べられそうな物を


悪いことだけど 食料が必要だから

仕方なく 罪を犯した 生きるために やったことさ

罪を犯すか 飢えて死ぬかだ

勝ち残るための 犠牲はつきもの

とにかく 諦めないことだ


8歳には ライフルが手放せない生活

眠る時も 片目は開けたまま

走って かがんで さもなくば死だ




まだ迷ったりするけど くじけたりしない




後退するな 降参するなと



僕は戦争に育てられた 母なし子


ただ これからは一人ぼっちの戦いじゃない

有名になったって そこで手を止めたりしない



世の中の不条理を正すために 悪いこともする




子どもたちのために 僕は戦っている

故郷には いつ帰れるか分からない



大勢の人が死に もう涙も枯れ果てた

神よ 僕の使命を教えてくれ


どうして 他の国の子どもが読み書きを習っているとき


カタツムリにワシやヘビ どんな生き物だって


辛かったけど 仕方なかった


(拍手) ありがとう (拍手)

僕に行動する力を与えてくれたのは音楽 今までは誰も 僕の話を聞いて アドバイスしてくれる人がいなかった だから音楽で心の傷を癒してた 音楽をしているときは 本当に心が安らいだし 踊っていると 子どもに戻ったみたいなんだ 音楽をやっていると その力を感じる 細胞の一つ一つに 神経のすみずみに入り込み 心を激しく揺さぶって 気付かないうちに生き方にまで 影響を与えてしまうのが音楽さ 音楽が聞こえると誰でも ベッドから起き出して 自然に足を動かしてしまう それが音楽の持つ力 音楽の力は 愛の力と似ていると思う 音も愛も盲目さ 惚れた相手は最高に見えるんだ

音楽に力があると― 感じた経験が僕にはある 子ども兵だったとき 僕は北のやつらが嫌いだった でも北の音楽は嫌いじゃないんだ 北の音楽に合わせて踊ったりもする アラブ ミュージシャンが 僕達みたいな兵士の前で 演奏したことがあった そんな時は夢中で踊った 何でだろうって 不思議だった 歌手として音楽の力を知った今

僕はここで何をしているのか これまで辛い旅をしてきた 今日までの233日の間 夕食しかとっていない 朝食も昼食も食べないんだ 現在「勝つための犠牲」という キャンペーン中だ 何かを犠牲にして初めて 僕は今の戦いに勝つことができる 食べなかった朝食代と昼食代は 僕がつくった慈善団体に回して スーダンに学校を建てる資金にする

この方法を選んだのは 故郷では一日一食で暮らしてるから こちらでも三食は食べてない 村で暮らす子ども達が BBCラジオに耳を傾け 僕が朝食を食べる日 つまり学校が建てられる日を 心待ちにしている だから僕は公言したんだ 「朝食は食べない」ってね 僕ぐらい有名ならすぐ集まると思ったけど 大口をたたかなくて良かった (笑い)

ここまで232日かかったけど 目標を果たすまで やめない フェイスブックやマイスペースで 3ドルの寄付ができる 今までの寄付金の最低額は20セント オンラインから らしいけど どうやって やったんだろう (笑い) でも嬉しかった

僕にとって教育はとても大切だ 僕はそれを実感しているから どうしても実現したい 教育で得られるものは大きい いろいろなことを知れば 機会も広がるし 人生も上手くいく 不自由に苦しんでいる故国では みんな援助に頼って生活している 難民キャンプで暮らしている 20代や30代の若者は 国連が空から落とす食料を食べているだけ

それが僕らの現状だ 援助物資をあげるだけでは 若者はダメになる 本当に僕達を救いたいなら 違った方法がある 僕達には農機具が必要なんだ 雨が降れば食物が育つ土地はあるのだから (拍手) 教育に投資してほしい しっかりした教育ができれば 社会を変える流れを生み出せる アフリカで戦争に明け暮れてきた 年寄り連中は いずれ亡くなる でも 教育に力を注げば アフリカは変えられるはず それが僕の望みなんだ (拍手)

そのために グア アフリカを設立して 子どもを学校に通わせている 数人は大学まで進学した 40人は元子ども兵だ 支援が必要な人たちは誰でも受け入れる 必ず実現させると言っているので 僕の言葉を信じてみんなが助けてくれる だから こうして活動することで 少しでも変わってくれればと思うんだ

もう時間がないので 最後に一曲 皆さん どうか立ち上がって 英国人の支援活動家 エマ マッキューンが 僕を助けてくれたことに謝意を この曲は エマが僕の人生を変えたことを歌っている 僕の国に足りないのは教育だと エマは気付いた

スーダンを助けるには もっとお金をかけて女性や子どもを しっかりと教育すること 複雑な社会の仕組みが分かれば 変革も可能になる エマが結婚したのは スーダン人民解放軍の司令官 そして150人以上の子ども兵を救った その一人がたまたま僕だった この場を借りてエマを讃えたいと思う 準備はいいかな



エマ マッキューンに捧げる

あるとき舞い降りた 一人の天使に

救われたから 僕はここにいる


今は安らかに お眠りください



たぶん僕はどこかの 難民キャンプでお腹をすかしてた

こんな夢のような暮らしを 僕が味わえるのも

全部 エマがいてくれたからなんだ


テレビに映る難民は 僕だったかもしれない


目にはハエがたかり 頭ばかり大きい


アフリカを走り回るなら タフじゃなけりゃ

全能の神に 祈りをささげ

救いの天使を 遣わしてもらうんだ




どんな困難も変化も 乗り越えて進む



僕の前に エマが現れなければ

きっと今 ここにはいなかったし



みんなと一緒に お腹をすかせてた



ここでこうして話をしていられる そうさ






ここにいられるように 僕を守ってくれた人

ここにいられるよう 頑張ってくれた人



エマがいなかったら 僕はどこにいて

何をしていただろう 難民キャンプの片隅で





限界も知っているし 自由も手に入れた

この日が来るのを 待ち望んでたんだ

世の中の人々も もっと賢くなって



ただじっとして 政治家に任せていても









後ろのみんなも 一緒に


もっと もっと もっとだ







Yeah, Yeah



生きてたとしても ロクな教育も受けてない


(拍手) ありがとう (拍手)

子どもの命を大切に (拍手)

― もっと見る ―
― 折りたたむ ―


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