TED日本語 - ルビー・ワックス: 精神病の何がおかしいの?


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TED日本語 - ルビー・ワックス: 精神病の何がおかしいの?

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What's so funny about mental illness?


Ruby Wax


コメディアンのルービー・ワックスは言います「体の病気は同情を買う。脳の病気は例外ですが。」それはなぜか? 約10年前に臨床的鬱病を患った彼女は、溢れ出すエネルギーとユーモアで、精神病への偏見をなくすように語りました。


One in four people suffer from some sort of mental illness, so if it was one,two,three,four, it's you, sir. You. Yeah. (Laughter) With the weird teeth. And you next to him. (Laughter) You know who you are. Actually, that whole row isn't right. (Laughter) That's not good. Hi. Yeah. Real bad. Don't even look at me. (Laughter)

I am one of the one in four. Thank you. I think I inherit it from my mother, who, used to crawl around the house on all fours. She had two sponges in her hand, and then she had two tied to her knees. My mother was completely absorbent. (Laughter) And she would crawl around behind me going, "Who brings footprints into a building?!" So that was kind of a clue that things weren't right. So before I start, I would like to thank the makers of Lamotrigine, Sertraline, and Reboxetine, because without those few simple chemicals, I would not be vertical today.

So how did it start? My mental illness -- well, I'm not even going to talk about my mental illness. What am I going to talk about? Okay. I always dreamt that, when I had my final breakdown, it would be because I had a deep Kafkaesque existentialist revelation, or that maybe Cate Blanchett would play me and she would win an Oscar for it. (Laughter) But that's not what happened. I had my breakdown during my daughter's sports day. There were all the parents sitting in a parking lot eating food out of the back of their car -- only the English -- eating their sausages. They loved their sausages. (Laughter) Lord and Lady Rigor Mortis were nibbling on the tarmac, and then the gun went off and all the girlies started running, and all the mummies went, "Run! Run Chlamydia! Run!" (Laughter) "Run like the wind, Veruca! Run!" And all the girlies, girlies running, running, running, everybody except for my daughter, who was just standing at the starting line, just waving, because she didn't know she was supposed to run. So I took to my bed for about a month, and when I woke up I found I was institutionalized, and when I saw the other inmates, I realized that I had found my people, my tribe. (Laughter) Because they became my only friends, they became my friends, because very few people that I knew -- Well, I wasn't sent a lot of cards or flowers. I mean, if I had had a broken leg or I was with child I would have been inundated, but all I got was a couple phone calls telling me to perk up. Perk up. Because I didn't think of that. (Laughter) (Laughter) (Applause)

Because, you know, the one thing,one thing that you get with this disease, this one comes with a package, is you get a real sense of shame, because your friends go, "Oh come on, show me the lump, show me the x-rays," and of course you've got nothing to show, so you're, like, really disgusted with yourself because you're thinking, "I'm not being carpet-bombed. I don't live in a township." So you start to hear these abusive voices, but you don't hear one abusive voice, you hear about a thousand -- 100,000 abusive voices, like if the Devil had Tourette's, that's what it would sound like. But we all know in here, you know, there is no Devil, there are no voices in your head. You know that when you have those abusive voices, all those little neurons get together and in that little gap you get a real toxic "I want to kill myself" kind of chemical, and if you have that over and over again on a loop tape, you might have yourself depression. Oh, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. If you get a little baby, and you abuse it verbally, its little brain sends out chemicals that are so destructive that the little part of its brain that can tell good from bad just doesn't grow, so you might have yourself a homegrown psychotic. If a soldier sees his friend blown up, his brain goes into such high alarm that he can't actually put the experience into words, so he just feels the horror over and over again.

So here's my question. My question is, how come when people have mental damage, it's always an active imagination? How come every other organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except the brain?

I'd like to talk a little bit more about the brain, because I know you like that here at TED, so if you just give me a minute here, okay. Okay, let me just say, there's some good news. There is some good news. First of all, let me say, we've come a long, long way. We started off as a teeny, teeny little one-celled amoeba, tiny, just sticking onto a rock, and now, voila, the brain. Here we go. (Laughter) This little baby has a lot of horsepower. It comes completely conscious. It's got state-of-the-art lobes. We've got the occipital lobe so we can actually see the world. We got the temporal lobe so we can actually hear the world. Here we've got a little bit of long-term memory, so, you know that night you want to forget, when you got really drunk? Bye-bye! Gone. (Laughter) So actually, it's filled with 100 billion neurons just zizzing away, electrically transmitting information, zizzing, zizzing. I'm going to give you a little side view here. I don't know if you can get that here. (Laughter) So, zizzing away, and so - (Laughter) - And for every one - I know, I drew this myself. Thank you. For every one single neuron, you can actually have from 10,000 to 100,000 different connections or dendrites or whatever you want to call it, and every time you learn something, or you have an experience, that bush grows, you know, that bush of information. Can you imagine, every human being is carrying that equipment, even Paris Hilton? (Laughter) Go figure.

But I got a little bad news for you folks. I got some bad news. This isn't for the one in four. This is for the four in four. We are not equipped for the 21st century. Evolution did not prepare us for this. We just don't have the bandwidth, and for people who say, oh, they're having a nice day, they're perfectly fine, they're more insane than the rest of us. Because I'll show you where there might be a few glitches in evolution. Okay, let me just explain this to you. When we were ancient man - (Laughter) - millions of years ago, and we suddenly felt threatened by a predator, okay? - (Laughter) - we would - Thank you. I drew these myself. (Laughter) Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. (Applause) Thank you. Anyway, we would fill up with our own adrenaline and our own cortisol, and then we'd kill or be killed, we'd eat or we'd be eaten, and then suddenly we'd de-fuel, and we'd go back to normal. Okay. So the problem is, nowadays, with modern man- (Laughter)- when we feel in danger, we still fill up with our own chemical but because we can't kill traffic wardens - (Laughter) - or eat estate agents, the fuel just stays in our body over and over, so we're in a constant state of alarm, a constant state. And here's another thing that happened. About 150,000 years ago, when language came online, we started to put words to this constant emergency, so it wasn't just, "Oh my God, there's a saber-toothed tiger," which could be, it was suddenly, "Oh my God, I didn't send the email. Oh my God, my thighs are too fat. Oh my God, everybody can see I'm stupid. I didn't get invited to the Christmas party!" So you've got this nagging loop tape that goes over and over again that drives you insane, so, you see what the problem is? What once made you safe now drives you insane. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but somebody has to be. Your pets are happier than you are. (Laughter) (Applause) So kitty cat, meow, happy happy happy, human beings, screwed. (Laughter) Completely and utterly -- so, screwed.

But my point is, if we don't talk about this stuff, and we don't learn how to deal with our lives, it's not going to be one in four. It's going to be four in four who are really, really going to get ill in the upstairs department. And while we're at it, can we please stop the stigma? Thank you. (Applause) (Applause) Thank you.

4人に1人が何らかの精神病に苦しんでいます ですから1、2、3...あなたね あなたです そう(笑い) 変な歯をしている彼の隣のあなたもよ 分かるでしょう その列全体がだめね(笑い) 良くないですねこっちを見ないでください(笑い)

私もその中の1人です 母から受け継いだのだと思います 母は家中を四つんばいになって這っていました 両手にスポンジを持ってさらに― 膝にも2つ付けていました母の吸収性は抜群です(笑い) そして母は私の後ろを這っては ’’誰が足跡をつけたの!?’’と言いました うちは何かおかしいと分かったんですね まず始める前に感謝を申します ラモトリジン セルトラリン レボキセチンの製作者へ この化学物質がなければ私は 直立していないでしょう

どう始まったかと言うと 私の精神病は…いえ 私の精神病については話しません 何の話だっけ? いつも夢見ています 神経衰弱してしまう時は 深いカフカ的な 実存主義者が発覚したからかー ケイト・ブランシェットが私を演じてオスカーをとったせいだと しかし実際は違います私の 神経が崩壊したのは 娘の運動会の時です たくさんの家族が駐車場に座って 車から食べ物を出して食べ 英国人だけがー ソーセージを食べていましたソーセージが大好きなんですね(笑い) 来ていた父兄は地面の舗装をいじっていました そしてピストルが鳴り女の子たちが走り始め 母親達は"走れ!走るのよ クラミジア!" ”風のように走るのよベルーカ!" そして全員女の子達は走り出すのです 私の娘 以外は 娘は スタートラインに立ち手を振っていました 彼女は走るべきだと知らなかったら そして私は一ヶ月床にふして目覚めた時には 入院していましたそして 他の患者を見た時に 私の仲間を見つけたと思いました私の種族を(笑い) 彼らは私の唯一の友人になり 私の 数少ない知人だったからです お見舞いも もらわなかったのもし私が骨折したり 子供が一緒だったらたくさん貰っていたでしょうが ”元気をだして”という電話をもらっただけ ”元気をだして” そんなこと忘れてました(笑い) (笑い)(拍手)

あなたがこの病気になって受けるのは たったひとつ ”真の恥”です なぜなら 友人達から"ねえ 腫瘍を見せて”とか ”X線を見せて"と言われても何もないし 自身をとても嫌悪してこう思います "私は爆撃を受けたわけでもタウンシップに住んでもいない” 口汚い言葉が聞こえ始めますがそれは1つだけではなく 千とか10万という口汚い言葉が聞こえます まるでトゥレット障害の悪魔のように聞こえるのです 知っての通り悪魔なんていません 頭の中で声が聞こえることもありません 口汚い言葉が聞こえてくる場合は 小さなニューロンがくっついてその小さなずれが 本当の毒になり"自分を殺したい” 化学物質で もしそれが何度も繰り返されると 鬱になってしまうかも それだけじゃないですよ もし赤ん坊ができてその子を言葉で虐待したら 子供の小さな脳は 破壊的な化学物質を放出して 善悪を区別する脳の一部が成長せず 精神病者を育ててしまうかもしれない もし兵士が 友人が爆発するのを見たら彼の脳は 危険信号を送り体験を言葉にできなくなります すると 彼はただ恐怖を何度も感じることになります

ここで質問がありますそれはー 人は精神的ダメージを受ける時それは豊かな創造力なのか? なぜ 体のどの器官も病気になり 心配されるのに脳は例外なのでしょう?

少し脳についてお話したいと思います TEDを見ている人は好きでしょうから 少し時間をください いいですか良いお知らせもあるんです いくつかありますまずはー 私たちは長い道のりを辿ってきました とても小さな アメーバと呼ばれる単細胞から 岩にくっついて そして脳ができました ほらね(笑い) この赤ん坊は強力な馬力があります 意識があり 最先端の小葉があります 私たちは世界を見るために後頭葉があります 私たちは世界を聞くために側頭葉があります そこに少しの長期記憶があります 酔って忘れたい 夜がありますよね?それ! 消えました(笑い) 千億のニューロンで満たされていて びりびりと 電気で情報を送り びりびり びりびり横からの図をお見せします これで理解できるかわかりませんが(笑い) びりびり といって-- (笑い) そう私が描きましたの どうも 一つ一つのニューロンには 一万から十万の 異なる接続や ”デンドライト”とか呼び方はお好きに 何かを学んだり経験するたびに この茂みが育ちますこの情報の茂みです 想像できますか?人間なら誰でも この装置を持っているんですパリス・ヒルトンでも(笑い) びっくりですね

少し悪いニュースがあります これは4分の1の話ではなく4分の4に当たります 私たちは 21世紀型ではないのです 進化は追いついていません処理能力がないのです ”今日は良い日だ”と言う人々は 彼らは普通ですが私達よりは 正気ではありません 進化の不思議を お見せしましょう まず説明しましょう 古代人だった時  (笑) 数100万年前 私達は突然 プレデターに脅かさたとします(拍手) 私達は…そう 私が描いたんです(笑い) どうもありがとうありがとう  (拍手) とにかく私達はアドレナリンと コルチゾールでいっぱいにしてそして殺すか殺され 食べるか食べられ突然 燃料がなくなり 普通に戻ります 問題はというと現代人は   (笑) 危険を感じると同様に化学物質を満たしますが 交通監視員を殺したりできません-- (笑い) 不動産業者を食べれないので燃料は体中に留まり 常に危険信号が出ています 他にもこんな事があります 約15万年前 言葉ができた時 この継続した緊急性を言葉にしようとしました ”あそこにサーベルタイガーがいるよ"だけでなく "メール送らなかった””ももが太すぎるわ” ”皆が私を馬鹿だと思ってるパーティーに誘われなかったなんて!" このように口やかましいループが 何度も繰り返され正気でなくさせます なにが問題か分かりましたか?一度安全になるとー 正気でなくさせてしまうのです 悪いニュースを伝えるのは嫌ですが誰かがしないと いけないのです ペットは あなたよりも幸せですよ(笑い) (拍手) 子猫は 幸せでも人間達は おしまいです(笑い) 完全に 完璧におしまいですよ

しかし大事なことはもし誰も 話さなければ そしてどう人生と向き合うか学ばなければ 4分の1ではなく4分の4になってしまうという事 お偉い方も病気になってしまう その前に 偏見を止めましょう ありがとう(拍手) (拍手)ありがとう

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