TED日本語 - ハリー・ベーカー: 愛の詩 ― “孤独な素数たちへ”


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TED日本語 - ハリー・ベーカー: 愛の詩 ― “孤独な素数たちへ”

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愛の詩 ― “孤独な素数たちへ”

A love poem for lonely prime numbers


Harry Baker


パフォーマンス詩人(兼・数学専攻の学生)のハリー・ベーカーは、彼の好きな数 ― 孤独で、愛に悩める“素数”について愛の詩を披露します。さらに、チャーミングな詩人の、生き生きと活力に満ちた詩2編もお楽しみください。




My name is Harry Baker. Harry Baker is my name. If your name was Harry Baker, then our names would be the same. (Laughter)

It's a short introductory part.

Yeah, I'm Harry. I study maths. I write poetry. So I thought I'd start with a love poem about prime numbers. (Laughter)

This is called "59." I was going to call it "Prime Time Loving." That reaction is why I didn't. (Laughter)

So, "59."

59 wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

Realizes all his hair is on one side of his head.

Takes just under a minute to work out that it's because of the way that he slept.

He finds some clothes and gets dressed.

He can't help but look in the mirror and be subtly impressed

How he looks rough around the edges and yet casually messed.

And as he glances out the window, he sees the sight that he gets blessed with of 60 from across the street.

Now 60 was beautiful.

With perfectly trimmed cuticles, dressed in something suitable.

Never rude or crude at all.

Unimprovable, right on time as usual, more on cue than a snooker ball but liked to play it super cool.

59 wanted to tell her that he knew her favorite flower.

He thought of her every second, every minute, every hour.

But he knew it wouldn't work, he'd never get the girl.

Because although she lived across the street they came from different worlds.

While 59 admired 60's perfectly round figure,60 thought 59 was odd. (Laughter)

One of his favorite films was "101 Dalmatians."

She preferred the sequel.

He romanticized the idea they were star-crossed lovers.

They could overcome the odds and evens because they had each other.

While she maintained the strict views imposed on her by her mother

That separate could not be equal.

And though at the time he felt stupid and dumb

For trying to love a girl controlled by her stupid mum,

He should have been comforted by the simple sum.

Take 59 away from 60, and you're left with the one.

Sure enough after two months of moping around,

61 days later,61 was who he found,

He had lost his keys and his parents were out.

So one day after school he went into a house

As he noticed the slightly wonky numbers on the door,

He wondered why he'd never introduced himself before,

As she let him in, his jaw dropped in awe.

61 was like 60, but a little bit more. (Laughter)

She had prettier eyes, and an approachable smile,

And like him, rough around the edges, casual style,

And like him, everything was in disorganized piles,

And like him, her mum didn't mind if friends stayed a while.

Because she was like him, and he liked her.

He reckoned she would like him if she knew he was like her,

And it was different this time. I mean, this girl was wicked,

So he plucked up the courage and asked for her digits.

She said, "I'm 61." He grinned, said, "I'm 59."

Today I've had a really nice time,

So tomorrow if you wanted you could come over to mine?

She said, "Sure."

She loved talking to someone just as quirky,

She agreed to this unofficial first date.

In the end he was only ready one minute early,

But it didn't matter because she arrived one minute late.

And from that moment on there was nonstop chatter,

How they loved "X Factor," how they had two factors,

How that did not matter, distinctiveness made them better,

By the end of the night they knew they were meant together.

And one day she was talking about stuck-up 60,

She noticed that 59 looked a bit shifty.

He blushed, told her of his crush:

"The best thing that never happened because it led to us."

61 was clever, see, not prone to jealousy,

She looked him in the eyes and told him quite tenderly,

"You're 59, I'm 61, together we combine to become twice what 60 could ever be." (Laughter)

At this point 59 had tears in his eyes,

Was so glad to have this one-of-a-kind girl in his life.

He told her the very definition of being prime

Was that with only one and himself could his heart divide,

And she was the one he wanted to give his heart to,

She said she felt the same and now she knew the films were half true.

Because that wasn't real love, that love was just a sample,

When it came to real love, they were a prime example.



That was the first poem that I wrote and it was for a prime number-themed poetry night -- (Laughter) -- which turned out to be a prime number-themed poetry competition. And I became a prime number-themed poetry competition winner, or as I like to call it, a prime minister. (Laughter) And this is how I discovered these things called poetry slams, and if you don't know what a poetry slam is, it was a format come up with in America 30 years ago as a way of tricking people into going to poetry events by putting an exciting word like "slam" on the end. (Laughter)

And each performer got three minutes to perform and then random audience members would hold up scorecards, and they would end up with a numerical score, and what this meant is, it kind of broke down the barrier between performer and audience and encouraged the kind of connection with the listener. And what it also means is you can win. And if you win a poetry slam, you can call yourself a slam champion and pretend you're a wrestler, and if you lose a poetry slam you can say, "Oh, what? Poetry's a subjective art form, you can't put numbers on such things." (Laughter)

But I loved it, and I got involved in these slams, and I became the U.K. slam champion and got invited to the Poetry World Cup in Paris, which was unbelievable. It was people from all around the world speaking in their native languages to be judged by five French strangers. (Laughter) And somehow, I won, which was great, and I've been able to travel the world since doing it, but it also means that this next piece is technically the best poem in the world. (Laughter) So ... (Applause) According to five French strangers.

So this is "Paper People."

I like people.

I'd like some paper people.

They'd be purple paper people. Maybe pop-up purple paper people.

Proper pop-up purple paper people.

"How do you prop up pop-up purple paper people?"

I hear you cry. Well I ...

I'd probably prop up proper pop-up purple paper people

with a proper pop-up purple people paperclip,

but I'd pre-prepare appropriate adhesives as alternatives,

a cheeky pack of Blu Tack just in case the paper slipped.

Because I could build a pop-up metropolis.

but I wouldn't wanna deal with all the paper people politics.

paper politicians with their paper-thin policies,

broken promises without appropriate apologies.

There'd be a little paper me. And a little paper you.

And we could watch paper TV and it would all be pay-per-view. (Laughter)

We'd see the poppy paper rappers rap about their paper package

or watch paper people carriers get stuck in paper traffic on the A4. (Laughter) Paper.

There'd be a paper princess Kate but we'd all stare at paper Pippa,

and then we'd all live in fear of killer Jack the Paper-Ripper,

because the paper propaganda propagates the people's prejudices,

papers printing pictures of the photogenic terrorists.

A little paper me. And a little paper you.

And in a pop-up population people's problems pop up too.

There'd be a pompous paper parliament who remained out of touch,

and who ignored the people's protests about all the paper cuts,

then the peaceful paper protests would get blown to paper pieces,

by the confetti cannons manned by pre-emptive police.

And yes there'd still be paper money, so there'd still be paper greed,

and the paper piggy bankers pocketing more than they need,

purchasing the potpourri to pepper their paper properties,

others live in poverty and ain't acknowledged properly.

A proper poor economy where so many are proper poor,

but while their needs are ignored the money goes to big wars.

Origami armies unfold plans for paper planes

and we remain imprisoned in our own paper chains,

but the greater shame is that it always seems to stay the same,

what changes is who's in power choosing how to lay the blame,

they're naming names, forgetting these are names of people,

because in the end it all comes down to people.

I like people.

'Cause even when the situation's dire,

it is only ever people who are able to inspire,

and on paper, it's hard to see how we all cope.

But in the bottom of Pandora's box there's still hope,

and I still hope 'cause I believe in people.

People like my grandparents.

Who every single day since I was born, have taken time out of their morning to pray for me.

That's 7892 days straight of someone checking I'm okay, and that's amazing.

People like my aunt who puts on plays with prisoners.

People who are capable of genuine forgiveness.

People like the persecuted Palestinians.

People who go out of their way to make your life better, and expect nothing in return.

You see, people have potential to be powerful.

Just because the people in power tend to pretend to be victims

we don't need to succumb to that system.

And a paper population is no different.

There's a little paper me. And a little paper you.

And in a pop-up population people's problems pop up too,

but even if the whole world fell apart then we'd still make it through.

Because we're people.

Thank you.


Thank you very much. I've just got time for one more.

For me, poetry has been the ultimate way of ideas without frontiers. When I first started, the people who inspired me were the ones with the amazing stories, and I thought, as an 18-year-old with a happy life, it was too normal, but I could create these worlds where I could talk about my experiences and dreams and beliefs. So it's amazing to be here in front of you today. Thank you for being here. If you weren't here, it would be pretty much like the sound check yesterday. (Laughter) And this is more fun.

So this last one is called "The Sunshine Kid."

Thank you very much for listening.

Old man sunshine was proud of his sun,

And it brightened his day to see his little boy run,

Not because of what he'd done, nor the problems overcome,

But that despite that his disposition remained a sunny one.

It hadn't always been like this.

There'd been times when he'd tried to hide his brightness,

You see, every star hits periods of hardship,

It takes a brighter light to inspire them through the darkness.

If we go back to when he was born in a nebula,

We know that he never was thought of as regular,

Because he had a flair about him,

To say the Midas touch is wrong

But all he went near seemed to turn a little bronze,

Yes this sun was loved by some more than others,

It was a case of Joseph and his dreamcoat and his brothers

Because standing out from the crowd had its pros and its cons,

And jealousy created enemies in those he outshone

Such as the Shadow People.

Now the Shadow People didn't like the Sunshine Kid,

Because he showed up the dark things the Shadow People did,

And when he shone he showed the places where the Shadow People hid,

So the Shadow People had an evil plan to get rid of him,

First up -- they made fun of his sunspots,

Shooting his dreams from the sky, their words were gunshots,

Designed to remind him he wasn't very cool

And he didn't fit in with any popular kids at school.

They said his head was up in space and they would bring him down to Earth,

Essentially he came from nothing and that is what he was worth,

He'd never get to go to university to learn,

Only degrees he'd ever show would be the first degree burns

From those that came too close, they told him he was too bright,

That's why no one ever looked him in the eyes,

His judgment became clouded

So did the sky, With evaporated tears

as the sun started to cry.

Because the sunshine kid was bright, with a warm personality,

And inside he burned savagely

Hurt by the words and curses of the shadowy folk

who spoke holes in his soul and left cavities,

And as his heart hardened, his spark darkened,

Every time they called him names it cooled his flames,

He thought they might like him if he kept his light dim

But they were busy telling lightning she had terrible aim,

He couldn't quite get to grips with what they said,

So he let his light be eclipsed by what they said,

He fell into a Lone Star State like Texas,

And felt like he'd been punched in his solar plexus.

But that's when Little Miss Sunshine came along

Singing her favorite song about how we're made to be strong,

And you don't have to be wrong to belong, Just be true to who you are,

because we are all stars at heart.

Little Miss Sunshine was hot stuff,

The kind of girl when you looked at her

you forgot stuff,

But for him, there was no forgetting her,

The minute he saw her her image burned in his retina,

She was out of this world, and she accepted him,

Something about this girl meant he knew whenever she was next to him,

Things weren't as dark as they seemed, and he dared to dream,

Shadows were nowhere to be seen; when she was there he beamed,

His eyes would light up in ways that can't be faked,

When she grinned her rays erased the razor-tipped words of hate,

They gave each other nicknames, they were "cool star" and "fun sun,"

And gradually the shadowy damage became undone,

She was one in a septillion, and she was brilliant,

Could turn the coldest blooded reptilians vermillion,

Loved by billions, from Chileans to Brazilians,

And taught the Sunshine Kid the meaning of resilience.

She said: "All the darkness in the world

can not put out the light from a single candle

So how the hell can they handle your light?

Only you can choose to dim it, and the sky is the limit, so silence the critics by burning."

And if eyes are windows to the soul then she drew back the curtains

And let the sun shine through the hurting.

In a universe of adversity these stars stuck together,

And though days became nights the memories would last forever,

Whether the weatherman said it or not, it would be fine,

'Cause even behind the clouds the kid could still shine.

Yes, the Sunshine Kid was bright, with a warm personality,

And inside he burned savagely,

Fueled by the fire inspired across galaxies

By the girl who showed him belief.

Thank you very much.


僕の名前はハリー・ベーカー ハリー・ベーカーが僕の名前 君の名前がハリー・ベーカーなら 僕らの名前は 同じ (笑)


やあ 僕はハリー 数学を研究し 詩を書く だから 素数をテーマとした 愛の詩から始めよう (笑)

題は『59』 『素敵な素数』とでも しようかと思ったけど そうやって 皆 ひいちゃうからね (笑)


59が目覚めたのは 縁起悪くも ベッドの反対側

なぜか髪の毛は 片側にペッタリ

ちょっと考えて 寝相のせいだと気付く

適当な服を探して 身に付ける

鏡をのぞいて ちょっと悦に入る

荒削りながら カジュアルさも兼ね備える自分

窓の外に目を見やると 目を奪われるのは 向かいの「60」


爪の先まで完ぺきで ピッタリの装い

ぶしつけさ など微塵もない

これ以上ないほど いつも ピッタリの時間に現れ それも 超クールに やってのける

59は伝えたかった 彼女の好きな花を知っていると

毎分 毎秒 毎時間 彼女のことを思い続けるも

思いが届かないことは分かっていた 決して結ばれない運命

通りのすぐ向かいにいる 彼女とは 住む世界が違うのだ

59は 丸まったキレの良い60を こよなく愛すも 60は 59を“奇”数としか 思えないから(笑)

59が好きな映画は 『101(ワン・オー・ワン)』

60が好きなのは 続編の『102(ワン・オー・ツー)』

ロマンティックな59は 二人を薄幸な恋人だと疑わず

二人の力を合わせ “奇”“偶(遇)”で軌跡を起こせると信じた

一方 60は母からの 厳しい言いつけどおり

二人の溝は埋められない そう固持した

そのとき 59は ママに支配された娘を

愛そうとすることに 無力さを感じていたが

少し計算を働かせれば 癒されたはずだった

60から59を引けば 残りは1で唯一無二の存在だから

ウジウジして 2ヶ月が過ぎ

61日後に 59は「61」と出会った

彼は鍵を失くし 両親も外出中だった

ある放課後のこと 彼がその家をふと見ると

ドアの番号は 少しくずしたスタイルだと気が付いた

なぜ これまで 話しかけなかったのだろう

彼女に招き入れられた59は 口をあんぐり

61は60に似ていて ちょっと大きいだけ(笑)

彼女の方が目が可愛らしく 親しみある笑顔だった

そして彼と同様 荒削りでカジュアル

そして彼と同様 すべてが無秩序

そして彼と同様 母親は友だちが来ても気にしない

彼女は彼に似ていて 彼は彼女が好きだった

二人が似ていることを知れば 彼女も好きになると 彼は踏んだ

今回はいつもと違った この子は素敵だった

彼は勇気をふり絞って “数字”を尋ねた

「私は61よ」という彼女に 彼はにっこり「僕は59」と答えた

「今日 僕はすごく楽しかった

明日 良かったら 僕の家に来ないかい?」


奇抜な人と話すのが 大好きな彼女は

非公式のファースト・デートの 誘いに乗った

彼の準備が整ったのは 約束の1分前

でも彼女は1分遅く到着したので 何の問題もなかった

その瞬間から ノンストップでおしゃべりが続いた

二人は『Xファクター』を好み 二つのファクター(因数)を持つ

これは欠点どころか 二人の存在意義を高めていた

夜が明けるころには 互いが運命の人だと感じていた

ある日 彼女は うぬぼれ屋の60について話していて

少し不愉快そうにする 59に気付いた

彼は顔を赤らめ かつての恋心を打ち明けた

「ああなって良かったんだ 僕たちが出会えたからね」

61は賢明だった 嫉妬にとらわれることもなく

彼の目を見て とても優しく諭した

「君は59で私は61 二人合わせると60の2倍になるの」 (笑)

このとき 59は 目に涙をため

こんな唯一無二の娘に 出会えたことを喜んだ

彼は“素数”たることの 意味を話した

彼の心を分かつのは “一(いち)”と彼自身だけ

そして彼女こそ 心を預けたい唯“一”の存在だと

彼女は 同じ気持ちだと答えた 映画は半分本当だとやっと分かった

あれは真の愛ではなく ただの見本にすぎない

真の愛においては 二人こそが“素”晴らしい例なのだ



これが僕が初めて書いた詩で 素数がテーマの詩の夜会のため ―(笑) いや 素数がテーマの 詩のコンテストのため書いたものです 僕は 素数がテーマの詩の コンテストで優勝したから まさに “素”晴らしいわけだ(笑) こうして僕は 「ポエトリー・スラム」なるものを知った 念のために言うと 「ポエトリー・スラム」は アメリカで30年前に 作られたもので 人をだまして 詩のイベントに参加させる方法です それも 最後に「スラム」とか 格好良い言葉を付けるだけ (笑)

参加者が与えられた3分間で 詩を披露すると ランダムに選ばれた聴衆が スコアカードを掲げ 最後に集計されて 点数が出される つまりは ― パフォーマーと聴衆の 垣根をなくし 聴く者とのつながりを 強めるもので さらには あなたも勝てるということ ポエトリー・スラムで優勝すれば スラム・チャンピオンを名乗って レスラーのふりもできる 負けたらこう言えばいい 「何?詩は主観的な芸術形式だ 数で評価するとは何事か」 (笑)

でも僕は気に入って 何度もスラムに参加し イギリスの スラム・チャンピオンになり パリのポエトリー・ワールド・カップに 招待されました 信じられないことでした 世界中から人々が集まり 自国の言語で話し 英語のできないフランス人5名が 評価をするんです (笑) ともかく 僕は勝った 最高だったよ 以来 僕は 世界中を旅できたんだから ということで これから紹介する詩が まさに世界で 最高の詩なんです (笑) ですから ― (拍手) 英語のできない フランス人5名によればね




紫色の紙の人 飛び出す紫色の紙人も

ちゃんとした 飛び出す紫色の紙人

「飛び出す紫色の紙人なんか 立たせられないだろう?」

君の叫びが聞こえるよ それはね...

僕は 飛び出す紫色の紙人の ペーパークリップで

飛び出す紫色の紙人を 立たせるわけさ

でも 念のために 接着剤も用意しておくかな

粘着剤「ブル・タック」を一箱 紙がすべったときのためにね

飛び出す都市を つくることができるけど

紙人の政治問題に 巻き込まれたくなくてね

紙政治家の政策なんて 紙のように薄っぺら

公約を破ろうが ちゃんと謝罪もしない

小さな紙の僕と 小さな紙の君がいて

僕たちは紙のペーパーテレビを見る ペイ・パー・ビューでね (笑)

ケシの紙ラッパーは 紙パックをラップし

紙人の乗り物が A4地点で紙詰まりを起こすのを眺める (笑) ペーパー

紙のプリンセス・ケイト でも 皆が目を離せないのは 紙のピッパ

誰もが紙裂きジャックに 怯えて生きる

紙のプロパガンダは 偏見を広め

写真写りのよいテロリストたちの 写真を紙に印刷する

小さな紙の僕 小さな紙の君

飛び出す人々の間では 問題も飛び出す

仰々しい紙の議会は 聖域となり

紙削減に対する プロテストを無視

平和的な紙のプロテストは 粉々に破れ去る

先制攻撃の警察による 紙吹雪弾で

もちろん紙のお金もあり 紙(私)欲もある

意地汚い紙の銀行員は 必要以上を懐におさめ

ポプリを買って 紙(資)産を粉飾

他の者は貧困に生き 軽くあしらわれる

“正しき”貧しい経済は 多くが“正しく”貧しいが

彼らの要望は無視され お金は大戦へとつぎ込まれる

折り紙軍隊は 紙飛行機計画を広げて見せるものの

一方 我々は自らの紙鎖に 囚われたまま

もっと恥ずべきことに 事態はまるで変わらない

ただ 権力者が変わり 責任転嫁先が変わっただけ

権力者は名をあげて非難するが それが人の名であったことを忘れてしまう

結局 名前というより 人の問題だからだ



人だけが 元気づけてくれる

紙の上では 僕たちの動きは見えにくい

でも パンドラの箱の底にだって まだ希望が残っている

だから 僕は希望を持っている 人を信じているから

人に好かれている 僕の祖父母

僕が生まれてから 一日もかかさず 僕のために 毎朝祈りを捧げてくれた

7892日続けて 僕のことを心配してくれて 本当にありがたい

おばのように 囚人と劇を演じる人たちもいる


迫害を受けた パレスチナ人のような人たち

私利私欲のために 道を外れた人たちは 何も得ることはできない


権力を牛耳る人が 被害者ぶるからといって

そんな制度に 屈することなんてない


小さな紙の僕と 小さな紙の君がいて

飛び出す人たちの間では 人の問題が飛び出す

でも たとえ世界が崩れ落ちようと 僕たちは大丈夫

だって 僕たちは人だもの



ありがとうございます もう1つ行けそうです

僕にとって 詩は自由に アイデアを表現する至極の手段 詩を始めたとき 僕が刺激を受けたのは 素晴らしいストーリーのある人たち 順風満帆の18歳の僕は フツウすぎると思った でも 僕の経験や夢 信じることを話せる ― そんな世界をつくれた だから 今日こうして 皆さんの前に立てて光栄です ここにいる皆さんに感謝します 皆さんが ここにいなければ 昨日のリハーサルと 同じ状況ですから (笑) こちらは もっと面白いです


それではお楽しみください ―

年老いた日の光は 息子のような太陽が自慢だった

小さな彼が走る姿に 一日が一層輝いた

彼が何かしたわけでも 問題が解決したわけでもない

ただ彼が日当たりの良い場所に ずっといただけ

いつも こんな風にはいかない

明るさを隠そうと するときもある

どんな星だって 困難の周期にぶち当たる

暗闇の彼らを呼び覚ますには より明るい光が必要だった

彼が星雲に 生まれたとき

誰も彼が普通だなんて 思わなかった

彼は フレアを放っていたから

ミダス王が触れると 黄金になるが

彼が近づくと 全てが少しブロンズ色になった

そう この子は 他の人よりも愛された

ヨセフと彼のドリームコート 兄弟のように

目立つのも 善し悪し

彼が輝きすぎれば 妬みが敵を生んだ


シャドー・ピープルは サンシャイン・キッドを嫌った

シャドー・ピープルの闇の行いに 光を当てたから

シャドー・ピープルが隠した場所を 照らしたとき

シャドー・ピープルは キッドを始末しようと企んだ

まずは 彼の黒点を からかった

空から彼の夢を打ち砕いた 銃弾のごとく

彼はクールではないと 思い知らせるために

お蔭で彼は 学校の人気者に溶け込めなかった

宙ぶらりんな彼の頭を 地に着けてやると言った

彼は何者でもなかったが それこそ 彼の存在価値

彼は大学にも 行くことはなかった

彼が唯一取った“一番”は “第一”度熱傷

近寄りすぎた者たちは 彼は明るすぎると言った

だから 誰も 彼の目を見ようとはしない



蒸発した涙で 空は曇った

サンシャイン・キッドは明るく 温かい性格で


影の人たちの汚い言葉で 傷ついていた

彼の心には穴が開き ぽっかりと傷跡が残った

彼が頑なになるにつれ 輝きを失っていった

名前が呼ばれるたび 彼の炎は勢いを失った

彼は 少し光を落とせば 彼らに好かれるかと考えた

でも 彼らは忙しなく 光はひどいと話して回った

彼はもはや ついていけなかった

彼は そんな言葉を呑み込み 影に隠れた

テキサス州のように ひとつ星の州になった

まるで みぞおちを 殴られたようだった

そこに現れたのが リトル・ミス・サンシャイン

大好きな歌を歌っていた ― 私たちは強くなれる

人に合わせなくていい そのままでいい

だって 私たちの心は お星さまだから ―

リトル・ミス・サンシャインは 超イケてた



彼はとにかく 彼女が忘れられなかった

一目見たときから 彼女の姿が網膜に焼き付いた

とびきり素晴らしい彼女は 彼を受け入れた

この子が好きだったのは いつも彼のそばにいると分かっていたから

事態は思ったほど暗くない 彼は夢を見た

影なんてどこにもない 彼女がいると 彼は輝いた

彼の目はランランとし もはや隠せなかった

彼女の笑顔は眩しく 憎悪の言葉も消え去った

二人は互いにニックネームを付けた 「クール・スター」「陽気・サン」

次第に 彼に影を落としていたことも 消え去って行った

10の24乗ある宇宙の星に1つという 特別な存在の彼女は 輝かしく

冷血の爬虫類でさえ 朱に染めた

チリ人からブラジル人まで 何十億人に愛され

サンシャイン・キッドに “しなやかな心”を教えてくれた

彼女は言った 「世界中の暗闇を集めても

たった一本のろうそくに灯る明かりを 消すことなんてできない

なのに なんで君の光が 消されてしまうの?

君自身が消しているんだよ 空は果てしない 光を灯し続け 批評家を黙らせるのよ」

心の窓である目にかかったカーテンを 彼女は再び開け

卑しき者たちにも 太陽の光を当てた

逆境の宇宙では 星々は共に身を寄せ合う

昼が夜になっても 記憶は永遠に消えない

天気予報がどうであれ 晴れ晴れとした顔で

雲に隠れても この子はずっと輝く

そう サンシャイン・キッドは明るく 温かい性格で


火に勢いを借りて 銀河の先にいる彼に

信じることを教えてくれた 彼女に支えられて



― もっと見る ―
― 折りたたむ ―


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