TED日本語 - サラ・ジョーンズ: どんな未来が待っているか? 予測不能な11人の回答


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TED日本語 - サラ・ジョーンズ: どんな未来が待っているか? 予測不能な11人の回答

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どんな未来が待っているか? 予測不能な11人の回答

What does the future hold? 11 characters offer quirky answers


Sarah Jones




First of all, for those of you who are not familiar with my work, I create multicultural characters, so characters from lots of different backgrounds. So before the present is the new future, a bit about the past is that I grew up in a family that was multi-everything -- multi-racial, multi-cultural, black and white, Caribbean, Irish-American, German-American. There was Dominican music blasting from stereos. There were Christians and Jews. That's a long story filled with intrigue and interfaith guilt and shame. But I was totally immersed in this world that was filled with everybody, and then I went on to the United Nations school, and that just completely --

So I began sort of developing these voices and these people, all of whom were loosely based on people I really know, and so, for example, in performing them, I would really try to inhabit them. And for example, I don't really talk like that, but that was one of my people, and I'm going to bring a few of my friends -- I think of them as my friends -- to this stage, in this spirit of the idea that the present is the new future, in sort of a meta way, because I thought about it, and the future, for me, what can be so frightening is that I don't know what's coming. I don't know if that's true for other people, but that notion of thinking about how we can understand the future and predict outcomes, for me, it's terrifying to not know what might be coming. And so the idea that there are questions that I've never seen that my people are going to answer, and some of these characters have been with me for ages, some of them don't even have names, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what's coming, and all I can do is remind myself that I told Chris I'd fly by the seat of my pants, and now that I'm up here it sort of feels like that dream where you don't have any pants on, and so I suppose I'm going to be flying by the seat of my ass.

That said, let's just see who comes out. May we have the first question:

"Do you ever get headaches from the microchips implanted in your brain?" Right.

Okay. Well first of all, I'll just say that I hope you can hear me okay. My name is Lorraine Levine, and the idea of microchips implanted in my brain, frankly, just putting on my glasses reminds me of thank God I'm not wearing the Google Glasses. No offense to them. I'm glad that you all enjoy them, but at my age, just putting on the regular ones I have already gives me too much information. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? I don't need to know more. I don't want to know. That's it. That's enough. I love you all. You're wonderful. It's fabulous to be here with such big machers again this year. Mwah!

Okay, next question. (Applause) Next, please.

"Is dating boring, now that humans reproduce asexually?"

Who do we got?

Hi, um, okay, hi everybody. My name is Nereida. I just want to say first of all that dating is never boring under any circumstance. But I am very excited to be here right now, so I am just trying to remind myself that, you know, like, the purpose of being here and everything, I mean, trying to answer these questions, it is very exciting. But I also, I just need to acknowledge that TED is an incredible experience right now in the present, like, I just need to say, like, Isabel Allende. Isabel Allende! Okay, maybe it doesn't mean, of course it means something to you, but to me, it's like, another level, okay? Because I'm Latina and I really appreciate the fact that there are role models here that I can really, I don't know, I just need to say that. That's incredible to me, and sometimes when I'm nervous and everything like that, I just need to, like, say some affirmations that can help me. I usually just try to use, like, the three little words that always make me feel better: Sotomayor, Sotomayor, Sotomayor. (Laughter) Just, it really helps me to get grounded. Now I can use Allende, Allende, Allende, and, you know, I just need to say it, like, it's so incredible to be here, and I knew that we were going to have these questions. I was so nervous and I was thinking just, like, oh my God, oh my God, and reminding me, because I've had, like, some very, especially since the last time we were here at TED, it was, like, unbelievable, and then right after that, like, so many crazy things happened, like, we ended up going to the White House to perform. That was, like, amazing, and I'm standing there, and I was just like, please don't say, "Oh my God." Don't say, "Oh my God." And I just kept saying it: "Oh my God. Oh my God." And, you know, I kept thinking to myself, like, President Obama has to come up here at the same podium, and I'm standing here saying, "Oh my God." It's like, the separation of church and state. It's just, I couldn't, like, I couldn't process. It was really too much. So I think I've lost my way. But what I wanted to say is that dating, for me, you know, as far as I'm concerned, however you reproduce, as long as you're enjoying yourself and it's with another consenting asexual -- I don't know. You know where I'm going with that. Okay, ciao, gracias.

Okay, next question. (Applause)

What are your top five favorite songs right now?

All right, well first of all, I'mma say, you know what I'm saying, I'm the only dude up here right now. My name is Rashid, and I never been at TED before, you know what I'm saying. I think, Sarah Jones, maybe she didn't want me to come out last time. I don't know why. You know what I'm saying. Obviously I would be like a perfect fit for TED. You know what I'm saying. First of all, that I'm in hip hop, you know what I'm saying. I know some of y'all may be not really as much into the music, but the first way y'all can always know, you know what I'm saying, that I'm in hip hop, is 'cos I hold the microphone in an official emcee posture. Y'all can see that right there. That's how you hold it. All right, so you get your little tutorial right there. But when Sarah Jones told me we was gonna come up here, I was like, betch, you know what I'm saying, TED is real fly, I got a whole lot of dope, you know what I'm saying, shit going on and everything, but she was like, yeah, we're going to have to answer, like, some random questions, just like, and I was like, what the hell is that? You know what I'm saying, just stand up there and answer some random questions? I don't want to, I mean, it's like an intellectual stop-and-frisk. You know what I'm saying? (Laughter) I don't want to be standing up there just all getting interrogated and whatnot. That's what I'm trying to leave behind in New York. You know what I'm saying? So anyway, I would have to say my top five songs right now is all out of my own personal catalogue, you know what I mean? So if you want to know more about that, you know what I'm saying, we could talk about the anti-piracy and all that, but as far as I'm concerned, you know, I believe in creative commons, and I think it's really important that, you know, that needs to be sustainable and everything, and I mean, as far as I'm concerned, I mean, this right here, this environment, I would like to sustain. You know what I mean? But I'm just saying, if y'all are interested in the top five songs, you need to holler at me. You know what I'm saying? Aight? In the future or the present. Yeah. Enjoy the rest of it.

Okay, next question.

What do you got?

"How many of your organs have been 3D printed?" (Laughter)

Well I have to say that I don't know about how many of my organs have been 3-D printed as such, but I can tell you that it is so challenging to me, kind of thinking about this concept of the future and that, you know, all around the world parents are kind of telling their small children, please, you have to eat that, you know, I have slaved over a hot 3D printer all day so that you can have this meal. You know, that kind of thing. And of course now that we have changed, you know, from the global South, there is this total kind of perspective shift that is happening around the -- You can't just say to them, well, there are starving children. Well, it is the future. Nobody is starving anymore, thank God. But as you can tell I have kind of that optimism, and I do hope that we can continue to kind of 3D print, well, let us just say I like to think that even in the future we will have the publication, kind of, you know, all the food that's fit to print. But everybody, please do enjoy that, and again, I think that you do throw a cracking good party here at TED. Thank you.

Next question. (Applause)

What has changed? Okay, it's like, I have to think about that. "What has changed now that women run the world?" First of all, I really, like, I just want to say, and my name is Bella, I just want to, like, identify myself, that, like, as a feminist, I, like, I really find that, like, because I was born in the '90s, and, like, there were a lot of women who were as far as feminism was concerned, like, maybe they didn't understand that, like, a feminist like me, like, I don't think it's required that you have to have a certain kind of voice, or, like, a certain way of presenting yourself to be feminist, because I think that, like, feminism can be really hot, and I think actually that it's really vital and important. Like, the quotation I'm wearing is from, like, Gloria Steinem, and, like, I'm named Bella for, like, Bella Abzug, who's, like, obviously, like, a really important feminist from, like, history, and like, I just think that those women, like, really represent, like, that you can, like, be vital and, like, amazing, like, a-mazing, and you don't have to wear, like, an Eileen Fisher caftan, just to, like, prove that you are a feminist. Like, not that there's anything wrong with that, but my mom, she's like, like, why do you have to wear pants that, like, objectify your body? I like my pants. Like, I like my voice. Like, she's like, why do you have to talk like -- Talk like what? Like, I'm expressing myself, and I think that we have to, like, reach out, like, not only across, like, the different generations of feminists, but also across the, like, vocal ranges, so that, like, we, because otherwise it's just, like, restriculous within feminism, which is just, like, a word that I created that means, like, so strict it's ridiculous. So that's my feeling about that. You guys are a-mazing, by the way.

Okay. Next question. (Applause)

[ "They've discovered a cure for cancer, but not baldness? What's up with that?" ]

Yeah, you know what, so my name is Joseph Mancuso. First of all, I just want to say that I appreciate that TED in general has been a pretty orderly crowd, a pretty orderly group. And, you know, I just have to say, the whole thing with baldness, and, you know, here's the thing. As long as the woman, in my case -- because it's a modern world, do whatever you want to do, I don't have any problem with anybody, enjoy yourself, LGBTQLMNOP. All right? But as far as I'm concerned, attractiveness, women don't really care as much as you think they do about the, you know. I mean, I remember hearing this woman. She loved her husband, it was the sweetest thing. It's a pretty young girl, you know? And this guy's older. And, you know, she said she would love him even if he had snow on the roof or even if melted and disappeared altogether. As far as I'm concerned, it's about the love. Am I right, or am I right? So that's it. That's it. That's it. I don't got nothing more to say. Keep your noses clean.

All right, next question.

"Have you ever tasted meat that's not lab grown?"

Um, well, I, I want to start by saying that this is a very difficult experience for a Chinese-American. I don't know what to call myself now, because I have really my Chinese identity, but my kids, they are American-Chinese, but it's difficult to try to express myself in front of audience of people like this. But if had to give my opinion about meat, I think first, the most important thing is to say that we don't have to have perfect food, but maybe it can also not be poison. Maybe we can have some middle ground for that. But I will continue to consider this idea, and I will report back maybe next year.

Next. Next. Next. (Applause)

"Will there ever be a post-racial world?"

Thank you for having me. My name is Gary Weaselhead. Enjoy that. I'm a member of the Blackfeet Nation. I'm also half Lakota, but that is my given name, and no, even though it would have seemed like an obvious choice, no, I did not go into politics. Tough crowd. (Laughter) But I always like to just let people know when they ask about race or those kinds of things, you know, as a member of the First Nations community, you know, I'm probably not your typical guy. For example, in addition to being an activist, I'm also a professional stand-up comedian. (Laughter) And, you know, I'm most popular on college and university campuses. You know, whenever they want to do a diversity day, or hey-we're-not-all-white week, then I'm there. (Laughter) Do I think there will ever be a post-racial world? I think, really, I can't talk about race without remembering that it is a construct in certain respects, but also that, you know, until we redress the wrongs of the past, we're going to be turned around. I don't care if the present is the new future. I think there's a lot of great people here at TED who are working to address that, so with that, if anything I've said today makes you feel uncomfortable, you're welcome. (Applause)

I think we have time for one more.

"What's the most popular diet these days?"

Who's here?

Okay, well, I'm just gonna answer this really fast, as, like,three or four different people. I mean really fast. I'm just gonna let y'all know that, as far as diet is concerned, if you don't love yourself inside, there is no diet on this Earth that is going to make your behind small enough for you to feel good, so just stop wasting your time.

I would just like to say as an African woman that I believe the diet that we need is really to remove the crazy belief that there is anything wrong with a nice backside. No, I am teasing about that. There is nothing wrong with a woman of size. That is what I am trying to say. Women, celebrate your body, for God's sake. Stop running around starving. You are making yourselves and other people miserable.

Last answer.

So we're talking about what's the most popular diet? I'm gonna start off by telling y'all that this is my first time here at TED. I might not be your typical person you find on this stage. My dental work not as nice as some people. But I made Sarah Jones promise she gonna bring me this time, 'cause she didn't bring me before, but you know, I just want to say, there's a lot of things more important than counting calories, and as somebody living on the streets in New York, and getting to come here, hear y'all ideas worth spreading, I want to tell y'all I believe in this idea that the present is the new future, that where you sit, you create everything that's gonna come, for better or worse. And for me, I think homeless is the wrong word for it anyway. You know, I might not have me no place to lay my head at night, but that just makes me houseless. I have me a home. You do too. Find it and try to find yourself in there. Make sure you know, it's not just about virtual reality in space. That's wonderful, but it's also about the actual reality here on Earth. How are people living today? How can you be part of the solution? Thank y'all for thinking about that right now in the present moment to influence the future. I appreciate it. Bye-bye.


Thank you all very, very much. Thank you for trusting me, Chris.


私のパフォーマンスを ご存じない方に説明しましょう 私が演じるキャラクターは 一人ひとりに様々な 文化的背景があります 「未来はここから」の話を始める前に 少し過去について話します 私の家はすべてが多様でした 多人種 多文化 ― 黒人 白人 カリブ人 ― アイルランド系にドイツ系・・・ ドミニカ音楽が ステレオから鳴り響き キリスト教徒も ユダヤ教徒もいました 人間関係は複雑で 宗教を超えた もめ事もありました 私は ありとあらゆる人間がいる世界に 首まで浸かっていたのです その後 国連国際学校へ進学し そこはまさにそういった世界で

こうして私は 声色やキャラクターを 作りはじめました どれも知人をモデルにしています 演じる時には そのキャラクターに なりきるようにしていて 普段 私自身が そんな風に話すことはありませんが どれも愛する知人の一人です これから私の「友達」が登場します キャラクターは「友達」です 彼らをステージに招いて 「未来はここから」というテーマで 自己言及的に演じます 考えてみると 私にとって 未来の怖いところは 予測できない点です 他の人は わかりませんが 私は 未来をどうやって理解し 結果を予測したらいいか 考えるだけで 怖くなってきます 何が起きるか わからないからです 今回は 初めて見る質問に キャラクター達が こたえていきます 長く演じているキャラもいれば 名前すらないキャラもいますが 何が起きるか予測できません どんな質問が出るかわからないから クリスには 「手探りでやってみる」って 言いましたが 実際にここに来たら パンツをはき忘れた ― 悪夢を見ているような感覚です だから手探りじゃなくて お尻で探ることに なりそうですね

さて どのキャラが現れるでしょうか 最初の質問は・・・

「脳に埋め込まれた ― マイクロチップのせいで 頭痛がしたことは?」 なるほど

わかりました 私の声が ちゃんと聞こえてるかしら 私はロレイン・レヴィーン チップを頭に埋めるって言うけど はっきり言って メガネをかけただけでも グーグルグラスじゃなくて よかったと思うの 悪気はないのよ 皆 気に入ってるんだから でも私の年になると 普通のメガネでも 目に入ってくる情報が多すぎるの わかるかしら? もう情報は必要ないし 知りたいと思わないわ もう充分なのよ 皆さん素晴しい方々ね こんなに立派な方々に 今年も お会い出来たなんて 素敵だわ

じゃあ次の質問を (拍手) お願いします

「人類が 無性生殖になったせいで デートは退屈に?」


こんにちは 皆さん 私はネレイダです はじめに言っとくけど デートが 退屈になるわけないわ でも 今はドキドキしてるから ここに来た目的を 忘れないようにしなきゃ 質問にこたえるって とってもエキサイティングね それにTEDって スゴい経験だと思うの だから今 言わなきゃならない言葉は イサベル・アジェンデね 意味がわからないかも しれないけど 私には すごく大事なことなの だって私は ラテンアメリカ系だし 彼女のような お手本がいて 本当によかったわ とにかく名前を唱えなきゃ それって素敵なことよ 自分が不安になったりした時 ― 前向きなことを言うと 楽になるの 私の場合 言葉を 3回唱えると 気持ちが落ち着くの ソトマイヨール ソトマイヨール・・・ (笑) こうすると落ち着くわ アジェンデ アジェンデ・・・でも いいわね とにかく今回 参加できて 最高にうれしいけど 質問には こたえなきゃ ずっと緊張してて どうしよう どうしようって 思ってたけど そういえば 前回 TEDに出られたのも 信じられなかったけど それ以来 スゴいことが 立て続けに起きて 結局 ― ホワイトハウスにも行ったのよ 本当にすごかった 向こうでは どうしよう どうしようって 言わないように してたんだけど でも やっぱり言っちゃったの オバマ大統領が使う演台の前で どうしようって言いながら 突っ立ってるなんて まるで政教分離よ 頭が回らなくて もう いっぱい いっぱい 何が何だかわからなくなったわ ただ言っておきたいのは デートは 私だったら 生殖の仕方がどうだろうと 楽しければいいし 別のやり方で 同意にもとづく 無性生殖の・・・わからないけど 言いたいことはわかるわよね じゃあ チャオ グラシアス

じゃあ 次の質問を (拍手)

「お気に入りの曲 トップ5は?」

さて まず 今の所 男は俺だけだな 俺はラシード TEDに出るのは 初めてさ 前回 サラは 俺を出したくなかったんだろう なんでかな TEDにぴったりだと思うけど だろ? 俺はヒップホップにのめり込んでる そんなに音楽に はまってない奴でも 俺がヒップホップをやってるのは すぐ わかるだろ 本物のMCの マイクの持ち方だからさ 見えるだろ? こう持つんだ ちょっとしたレッスンだな サラが俺を出すって言った時 ― 「すげぇ」って言ったんだ TEDは最高だし すごい所だからさ でも ランダムな質問に 答えろって言うんだ 「何だそりゃ」って思ったな ステージに立って 質問に答えろって? いやだね 頭の中の身体検査だろ 違うか? (笑) そこに突っ立って 尋問されるなんてごめんだ そんなのNYだけに してほしいね だろ? とにかくトップ5ソングなら 自分のリストから選ばないとな だろ? もっと知りたいって 言うなら 海賊版反対運動のこととか 話さなきゃな でも俺自身は クリエイティブ・コモンズの 信奉者だし 大事なことは 持続可能ってことだと思う 俺が維持したいのは ここさ この環境を維持したいんだ だろ? ただ もしも トップ5ソングが知りたいなら 言ってくれ いいか? 今のでも 未来のでもいいぞ この後も楽しんでくれ

じゃあ 次の質問


「3Dプリントされた臓器は いくつある?」 (笑)

私の臓器のうち3Dプリントしたものが いくつあるかは よくわからないけど 未来のことを考えるのは 私には難題だわ ところで 世界中どこの家庭でも 親は子ども達に きちんと食べなさいって いつも言ってるわね 「私が3Dプリンターの前で一日中 汗だくになって料理してるから ご飯が食べられるのよ」ってね 私達の国は もう 南の発展途上国ではないし 世界中で全面的な パラダイム・シフトが 起きているから 「食べる物がない ― 子どももいるのよ」とは 言えないわね もう未来なんだから 飢えに苦しんでる人は もういないわ 私には楽観的なところがあるの これからも3Dプリントを 続けられるといいと思うわ これからもずっと プリントできる食べ物の公開が 続いて欲しいわね じゃあ 皆さん楽しんで きっとTEDで 素敵なパーティーを開くんでしょ ありがとう

次の質問を (拍手)

「何が変わったか?」ですか・・・ 考える必要がありそうね 「女性が世界を動かす様になって 何が変わったか?」 まず 言っておきたいのは・・・ 私はベラ まず最初に自分は フェミニストです わかったことがあるの 私が生まれたのは90年代だし いろいろな女性がいて フェミニズムについては 理解してもらえないかも 知れないけど 私のようなフェミニストは 意見が1つしか持てないとは 思わないし フェミニストとして自己表現する ― 方法も1つだとは思わない だってフェミニズムが セクシーになってもいいし それが重要で 必要なことだと思うから 私のシャツに書いてある グロリア・スタイネムの 言葉と同じね 私の名前はベラ・アブザグから とっているの 彼女は歴史上重要なフェミニストよ 私はこう思うの 彼女達が体現しているのは 誰でも生き生きと 魅力的になれるっていうこと スゴく魅力的にね 自分がフェミニストだと主張するために 別にアイリーン・フィッシャーの ドレスを着る必要はないの それも別に悪くはないけど 私の母さんは 「なんで自分の身体を モノ扱いするような パンツをはくの?」って言うけど 気に入ってるからよ 自分の声を 気に入ってるのと同じよ 母さんは「なんで そんな話し方をするの」って言うけど どう話してもいいでしょ 私の自己表現なんだから 私は思うの いろいろな世代のフェミニストと 手を携えるだけでなくて いろいろな意見の持ち主と 協力しなくては だってそうしないと フェミニズムが 「バカ厳しく」なってしまう この言葉は私が作ったの バカバカしいほど厳格ってこと これが私の気持ち 皆さんもスゴく魅力的だわ

じゃあ次の質問を (拍手)

「ガンの治療法は見つかったけれど 薄毛の治療法はどうなっているの?」

さて 私の名前はジョセフ・マンキューソ 話をはじめる前に TEDの観客が 規律ある集団であることに 感謝したいと思います さて 私が薄毛について 言えることは たった一つです 私の場合 相手が女性なら・・・ というのも現代は 相手は誰でもいいし それに文句はありません レズビアンでもゲイでも バイセクシャルでも 何でもです ただ私の考えでは 魅力という点では 実際には女性達は 思っているほど髪の量なんて 気にしていないのです ある女性から聞いた話です 彼女には愛する夫がいます 素敵なことです 若くて美しい女性です 夫は年上です 彼女は彼を愛し続けると 言っていました たとえ髪が白くなっても たとえ それが 無くなってしまってもです 私に言わせれば これは愛の問題です 間違いありません これ以上 言うことはありません 以上です トラブルは なしでお願いします

さて 次の質問を

「研究所で作られたものでない 肉を食べたことは?」

さて・・・ まず はじめに 私のような中国系 アメリカ人にとって これは とても困難な経験です 自分をどう紹介したらいいか わからないのです というのも私には中国人としての アイデンティティがありますが 私の子ども達は アメリカ系中国人です とにかく これほどの 聴衆の前で 自己表現すること自体 難しいことです ただ肉について 個人的な意見を言うなら もっとも重要なのは 完ぺきな食品などないけれど 毒でもないだろうという点です その中間が 落とし所ではないでしょうか でも私はこのことを もう少し検討するつもりです また来年あたりに報告します

次 次よ 次 (拍手)


招待してくれてありがとう 私はゲイリー・ウィーゼルヘッド 面白い名前だろ ブラックフィート・ネイションの メンバーで ラコタ族とのハーフだけど これは私の本名だ ただ今後の方向性として 当然だと思うかもしれないが 私は政治家になるつもりはない 笑わない客だな (笑) ただ知っておいて欲しい 人種とか そういった事について 質問をされた場合 ― 私はおそらく 先住民と聞いて 皆が真っ先に想像するような 人間ではないということだ 私は活動家であると同時に プロのコメディアンでもある (笑) 大学のキャンパスでは かなり人気があるんだよ 「人種多様性の日」を開きたいとか 「皆が白人なわけじゃない週間」を やりたいって時には すぐに駆けつける (笑) 脱人種差別社会が来るだろうか? 私は 人種というものは ある意味 人工的なものだと 思っている ただ同時に 過去のあやまちを正すまでは 過去に向き合わなければ 私には「未来はここから」か どうかなんて関係ない TEDには問題の解決を目指す ― 素晴らしい人々が大勢いると思う とは言え もし私が話した内容を 不快に感じたとしたら どうぞご自由に (拍手)




じゃあこの質問には3~4人で 大急ぎでこたえていきます 高速ですよ 私はダイエットについて 言いたいの もし自分を好きじゃなかったら 自分のお尻を 理想のサイズにできるような ダイエットなんてあり得ない だから時間の無駄ね

1人のアフリカ人女性として 私はこう思います 本当に必要なダイエットとは 「立派なお尻がダメ」みたいな 馬鹿な考えをなくすことです いや ちょっとからかっただけ 女性の体格に問題なんてありません これこそ私が言いたいことです 女性の皆さん どうか 自分の身体を讃えてください 空腹を感じながら 走るのはやめましょう あなた自身も周りの人も 惨めになるだけです

では 最後のこたえです

一番人気のあるダイエットについて 話していたんだっけ はじめに言っておくけど TEDに来るのは初めてなの あんた方が期待するような 人間ではないかも知れないね 入れ歯もあまり合ってないし でも私はサラに 今度は出してって頼んだの 前回は出してくれなかったから 私は こう言いたい カロリーの計算より 大事なことが いっぱいあるはずだよ NYのストリートで 暮らしている一人として ここで 皆の 価値のあるアイデアを聞いて 「未来はここから」っていう ― 考え方だとか 将来 起こることは 善かれ悪しかれ あんた方が 作っているんだと 信じられるようになった 私はホームレスっていう言い方は 間違っていると思う 確かに夜 寝る場所は ないかも知れないけど それは家がないだけさ 私にも居場所はある あんた方にもね それを見つけて そこで自分を見つけなさい わかっているだろうけど 仮想現実のことじゃないわよ それもいいけど この世の現実のことよ 人々の暮らしは 今どうなっているのか? どうすれば皆で解決できるのか? 未来を変えるために 真剣になっている皆に 感謝するわ どうもありがとう バイバイ


皆さん 本当にどうもありがとう クリス 信頼してくれて感謝するわ


― もっと見る ―
― 折りたたむ ―


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